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Teen Breast Augmentation – Everything You Need To Know

Akshita Iyer
11 to 16 years

Created by Akshita Iyer
Updated on May 13, 2021

Teen Breast Augmentation Everything You Need To Know
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Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty is a surgical procedure that involves using breast implants or fat transfer to increase the size of your breasts. This procedure can also restore breast volume lost after weight reduction or pregnancy, achieve a more rounded breast shape or improve natural breast size asymmetry.

Nowadays Breast Augmentation is quite common in teens because of the increasing concept of body image i.e. a person’s perception of aesthetics of their own body. Each one of us desires to look good and even if some of us do not really care about looks, the societal pressure forces us to.

So What Do You Do If Your Teen Wishes To Get A Breast Augmentation Done?


If your teen wishes to get a breast augmentation done, do not just simply say a no and end it. Sit down and talk with them. Ask them why they want to do it and how much they know about it, if it is due to peer pressure or if they don’t feel confident about their body or if it is something else. Remember, talking it out with them helps them to open up in front of you and makes them comfortable sharing their thoughts.


Understand their psychology and the thought process behind it. Converse in a way that helps them to understand what you are trying to convey and your intentions behind it. Also, make sure you yourself have the required knowledge to take a decision and what’ll be best for them. Consult a doctor that specializes in this area and then decide. But if you think your teen wants to get a breast augmentation done just because of peer pressure or body image issues then you might want to talk them through this or even get some counselling done if required.

Side Effects Of Breast Augmentation

FDA reported that breast implants put women’s lives in danger and there also has been news of an illness called anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) in association with breast implants, but it is sporadic and extremely rare, it does not seem to be as serious as ALCL occurring elsewhere. Besides this there are other commonly occurring problems like:

  • Surgical risks
  • Chronic breast pain
  • Breakage and leakage
  • Scar tissue
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Implant failure
  • Scar tissue
  • Necrosis- when there is dead skin or tissue around the breast
  • Metal poisoning due to platinum exposure (in silicone implants)
  • Extrusion- when the skin breaks down and the implant appears through the skin
  • Implant displacement or malposition
  • Redness or bruising
  • Breast tissue atrophy- thinning and shrinking of the skin

The above are some of the prominent reasons why breast augmentation should be avoided but then it totally depends on the individual’s choice. Remember, every coin has two sides and hence if breast augmentation may seem life changing to some, it also has its complications. Consult a doctor, learn about the process well then make a wise decision for yourself or your teen and moreover love your body for what it is, instead of playing with your health and life.

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