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Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Teen

Urvashi Shah
11 to 16 years

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Dec 04, 2019

Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Teen
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Looking for baby’s first Christmas guide? It is jingle all the way as Christmas is so near and the holiday mood has already been set by nature by blowing chilly winds. The festival of Christmas is all about giving gifts to your loved ones and celebrating the holidays with traditional foods and drinks. [Check - Nearby Christmas Fun Activity Destinations]

Apart from everyone else, giving gifts to your teenage child can be a daunting task as they consider a number of things cool and if you have already planned on gifting them something of their choice, they are already fantasizing about another thing. Ahead of Christmas 2018, I present to you a list of gift items that your child will love and not make a fuss about it.

8 Christmas Gift Options For Your Child

Here we are suggesting few christmas gift ideas for your kid. Check now & select...

#1. Micro Scooter:

Did your child ride use to ride scooters when he was small? Well, you can refresh his memory by gifting him a micro scooter which is an adult version of what he used to ride during his childhood. They are safe and balancing which will enable your child to ride to school. Make sure you also purchase a helmet along for safety reasons. Trust me, your child will love your way of being creative.

#2. Polaroid Camera:

This one’s my personal favourite. If your child loves to click pictures then just gift him a Polaroid camera where photos are developed on an instant basis. In this age of the selfie, your child will be a step ahead of his peers. He can click family pictures and pictures of his friends that can later go into his very own scrapbook as memories to be cherished.

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#3. A Bluetooth Speaker:

If your child is into music and is always found with headphones on, this is probably the best gift for him. A Bluetooth speaker which matches your budget can be gifted him this Christmas that will keep him away from his headphones which cause damage to ears if used for longer periods. However, a Bluetooth speaker can be connected with your child’s smartphone and can be kept at a safe distance which will enable him in listening to music without direct contact with his ears, unlike the headphones. Lately, these Bluetooth speakers also come with built-in bright lights which happen to light up as the music plays. What a sight to the ears and eyes!

#4. A Jewellery Kit:

If your teenage daughter has a love for jewellery and is very specific about it, you can gift her a jewellery kit where she can make her own jewellery. Sounds interesting and crafty right? It sure is. Your daughter can custom make her own jewellery pieces with the little colourful beads available in the kit which will not cost you a bombshell. She might love the idea and might also make an amazing piece just for you.

#5. A SmartPhone:

There is no child in the world who doesn’t want his very own smartphone. Since every teenager today owns a smartphone, you can prefer gifting your child the same. Since there are a plethora of options available in all price range, the budget shouldn’t be a problem for you. This will enable to stay in touch with your child wherever he goes. Indirectly you are gifting yourself a connection with your child.

#6. A Fitness Band:

These are a rage lately as everyone wants to keep themselves healthy. A fitness band can be gifted to your child which will encourage him to look after his health in a better way. This piece of technology will monitor his heart rate, his sleep pattern and also the number of steps he walks in a day. You too can be updated with the lifestyle of your child with this device. Budgeted devices are available with a variety of options and colours to choose from.

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#7. Kindle:

No matter how young or old, a person who loves to read will never sacrifice his love for anything else. If your child is blessed with the love for reading then gift him a kindle and it will be a precious gift for him. These devices are installed with brightness settings that your child can make as per his comfort level. Be it during the day time or night time, your child can adjust the specific settings that will not hurt his eyesight. Technology sure has marvellous ways to surprise us.

#8. Make-up Kit:

Has your little daughter grown up to be a diva? If yes then gift her very own make-up set which she will cherish. If she has been using your make-up set until now, it is time she owns one herself. A make-up kit with essential and minimal items will add a spark of glamour to your daughter’s life.


With these thoughtful and unique gift items being mentioned, I am sure you will not have a tough time picking up the best gift for your child. If you have gifted your teen child something else apart from the above-mentioned gift, let us know about it as we will be happy to hear from you. Merry Christmas !!


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