8 Things To Keep In Mind When Visiting A Newborn

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8 Things To Keep In Mind When Visiting A Newborn
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The joy and excitement of meeting a new born baby for the first time is unimaginable. Be it your friend’s new born or one of your relative’s, there is so much thrill for seeing a new born baby and holding the tiny little bundle of joy in our arms. But there are rules for visiting a new born and following them is very essential. Be it in the hospital room or in the house, there are certain things to avoid when visiting a new born. If you are not sure of some norms then have a look below.

The following are some etiquette for visiting a new born:

  1. Call before you arrive:

    This is mandatory to follow. You need to call up before in order to know when would be the best time for a visit. Since the baby is a new born, the parents might be catching up with doctor’s appointments, running errands or taking care of the child and hence it isn’t advisable to give a surprise visit as you will only end up ruining their plans. So it is wise to check if they are in a position to entertain the guests
  2. Ensure hygiene:

    As soon as you arrive to visit the child and the mother, make sure you wash your hands and feet and clean your hands further with a sanitizer. This method will help parents not worry about the germs passing on to their younger one who has a developing immune system that is prone to various infections and diseases. If you are unwell then it is best not to pay a visit until you get back to your good health
  3. Talk softly:

    Refrain from talking in a high pitch voice as it will only awaken the peacefully sleeping child who will start crying endlessly until comforted by the parents. Avoid squealing, clapping or indulging in any action that might wake the baby up
  4. Get useful gifts:

    If at all you are planning on bringing gifts for the mother and the child, do not get flowers as either of them might be allergic to it. Invest in gifts that will be useful for the parents and the baby such as wet wipes, bassinet, a crib or maybe some food for the mother which she would appreciate
  5. Wait to be invited:

    Nobody likes guests dropping in for a visit unexpectedly, especially new parents. Since the new born needs constant care and attention of the parents initially, you do not want to disturb them. Also, parents have a lot to catch up on in the beginning without having guests pouring in round the clock. You can either send an email, message or simply send a greeting card congratulating the parents while also mentioning that you would love to meet them
  6. Wait to be offered to hold the baby:

    You should wait to be offered to hold the baby. Mothers can find it very difficult to say no when friends and family visit, as they fear being judged or may feel guilty if they don’t want baby to be passed around. If you really wish to hold the baby then be polite to ask the mother and if she says yes, ensure you wash your hands thoroughly as you don’t want to freak her out with the possibility of germs attacking her little one. You must also know when to give the baby back as you do not want to annoy the little one’s mommy by holding the baby for too long. If the baby starts crying during your hold, no matter how short or long the cuddle as been, offer him/her back to the parents
  7. Offer a helping hand:

    Being a guest is fine but that doesn’t mean you just stick around and have a mouthful of food being offered by the hosts. You have to be kind enough to ask the new parents if they require any sort of help, like washing the dishes in the sink, folding the laundry or so on. Since new parents will be busy looking after the child and entertaining the guests too, you can be their extra help for the time you are visiting
  8. Say good things:

    If you think the baby is wonderful and cute, and if you think the parents are doing a great job, feel free to tell them. You must avoid giving out any advices if not asked. If the mother feels tired, be emphatic and understand her situation rather than judging or pointing out at her. You should not break out in to any sort of negative stories which will only instil a sense of fear or embarrassment in the new mother

You need not insist the parents for taking a picture of the baby if they aren’t comfortable with the idea of it. Put your mobile phone on silent mode which will not cause any disturbance to the sleeping child. If you already have a toddler then do not bring him/her along if you feel he/she might not be behaving well around the child. You need not stay longer than a certain time period and must end your visit quickly. These are a few advices for visiting new moms and a new born child.

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| Feb 17, 2018

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| Feb 18, 2018

Very nice advice. keep the good work.

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| Feb 25, 2020

That's so true.. I m sharing it with everyone so they follow such etiquettes.

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