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Tips For Overcoming Your Baby’s Bath Time Fears

Kshitij Yadav
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Updated on May 20, 2018

Tips For Overcoming Your Babys Bath Time Fears

You find giving a bath to your new-born pretty tough? Your baby screams during bath? It is either because your baby hates the bath time or he has some fears that he dreads. There are number of reasons why kids hate bath time. Those reasons could be such as having a water phobia, fear of getting soap into his eyes as it irritates his eyes or it could be that your child is having painful rash etc. Do not worry new parents because you are not the only one going through all that. Some babies just love to take a good bath however some just do not even want their finger to get dipped into water. So, keeping in mind all those fears and reasons, has provided you with these successful tips so that your child too will find bath time as lovely as other toddlers. Read thoroughly!

Tips To Overcome Your Baby’s Bath-Time Fears

Chill & Go Slow

As some parents force their baby to take bath but doing that will only arouse new-born’s bath fear. So if you want your baby to enjoy bath as other kids do then you need to be very patience and take it slowly. All you need to do is put water toys that he never played with before and seem to fascinate him outside the bath tub so that his mind gets distracted, before you even put him into the bath tub. Then move the toys near the edge of the bath tub. And now is the time when you gradually get your baby situated into the bath tub and let him play with the toys until he gets comfortable. It’s good if you play with the baby too.

Splash the water

And after playing with the toys, you need to put those toys into the bath. And try showing your kid how they are still so much fun in the bath tub, and how they work. One of the best bath tub toy is a boat, because boats seem more intriguing to kids. Then you need to show him how that works and then splash a little bit. Splashing every time before going into a bigger area of water works with babies. You need to do this gradually every day and your baby too will be able to get into the water tub without crying.

Use Bubble Baths

Apart from having your child played with toys, another thing that you can do to help your baby overcome the bath time dear is to add bubble bath before bath time. Babies love to play with bubbles and if possible bring the bubble container into the bathroom and blow at your child, this will distract him from the fear of bathing. This method will make your new-born enjoy the bath-time. Try doing this every time you give your baby a bath.

Make it a Routine

Overcoming any fear is not an overnight thing. Similarly your child will not be able to overcome the bath time fear over a night, it will take time. Your baby’s bath fears can be overcome if you modify the bath time into a fun time. All you got to do is to just make it a routine to use a lot of distractions and things that your baby will love to play and voila! Your child will get the hang of taking bath in no time without fearing.

We hope that these tips to overcoming baby’s bath time fears will help your toddler too. Just follow these tips and make bath time a fun for babies!

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| Aug 17, 2018


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| Jun 05, 2018

My baby is very comfortable with bathing. But when it comes to shampoo ..after applying shampoo when I try to wash her hair with water she cries a lot.

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| May 22, 2018

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| May 21, 2018

my baby is 4months old can I put her in bath tub. ? she cries when I wash her face.

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| May 20, 2018

So u faild in bathing ur baby.. Plz B patience.. N u keep distract fr every bath.. Shruti Pillai

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| May 20, 2018

my baby is 11 months old, I have tried every means possible to make it a fun time but as soon as I remove all his clothes, he comes to know what is up to next ! & he starts screaming so much so that he vomits right after the bath. I have got tired with this routine. what to do now ?

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