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Top 5 Biographies Your Child Should Read

Swapna Nair
7 to 11 years

Created by Swapna Nair
Updated on Mar 17, 2021

Top 5 Biographies Your Child Should Read
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This evening as I walked to the park I came upon my local lending library. It had been a long time since I had visited the library. As I browsed through the books I saw the biography of Roald Dahl. It brought me memories of my childhood summer days where afternoons were devoted to reading. My father would insist that I read a biography or an autobiography. First he would tell me inspiring stories of a celebrity and thus spark my interest to read more.

Biographies are available for children in plenty nowadays. Being stories of real people they offer valuable lessons. Who is not inspired by little George Washington and the apple tree? Stories of real heroes and heroines are ideal conversation material. They can be used to impart life values and for character building. Children are fascinated when they know that these great people have suffered pain and overcome challenges. Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein Ben Franklin have inspired many a child and parent.

Those who love adventure and valour we have our own Amar Chitra Katha volumes to fall back on. These are excellent sources to kick start the reading habit. Children love colourful pictures and fewer words. Hence reading biographies in form of comics is a great start.

The story of freedom fighters, Kargil martyrs, space queen Kalpana Chawla are featured in the Amar Chitra series. Biographies are stories of real time wisdom. Each biography is unique. Each has a wealth of information to share. For children from 3-6 years, parents can make it a ritual to read out during bed time.

Pick your choice from adventurers, musicians, scientists, writes, artists, explorers, politicians, sportspersons and business magnates. It is a huge world of books out there.

  1. Pick a book suitable to the age of your child.
  2. Build your rapport with your child through daily conversations. Use the biographies to tell a little story relevant to the situation
  3. For example Gandhi’s childhood incidents are such beautiful lessons in honesty and loyalty
  4. Keep these books within easy reach of children
  5. Role model the habit you wish upon your child. Show them how much you love reading
  6. Mix biographies along with other works of fiction
  7. The adventures of Mark Twain will leave any child musing
  8. Malgudi Days by R.K Narayan is page turner
  9. So are Ruskin bond’s and Rudyard Kipling’s stories that are biographical

Some Of The Other Biographies That Are Must Reads:

  • Reaching for the Moon- ( Buzz Aldrin)
  • Odd boy out – ( Edison)
  • The friar who grew peas – (George Mendel)
  • The boys of steel ( creators of Superman)
  • Wilma unlimited –(Wilma Rudolph)
  • Neo Leo (Da Vinci)
There is no need to buy bundles of books anymore, there are ample of options today –
  1. Enrol in a local library
  2. Use the Kindle for now this is the trend. Use any method to get them to read. Recently I spotted a rare sight. A little girl was begging her father to buy her a book at a store. The father was hesitating. I felt sad. Books are one’s best friends apart from pets. We spend so much money on restaurants, cinema and other mindless entertainment
  3. Organise a biography evening. Invite your child’s friends. Give them a cosy corner to read in silence. They could take turns to read aloud too
  4. The 7 year olds can have a small discussion on their favourite biography

Gift your child a biography and change his/her life!

Did you like the blog? Did you find it useful? Dos hare your thoughts with us in the comments section below; we’d love to hear from you.

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| May 05, 2018

very nice

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| May 06, 2018

superb article on expanding the world of reading to my 8year old. I loved creative ideas such having a biography evening and the following discussion. thank you so much .

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| May 08, 2018

Very nice blog for every one and thanks for it.

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| May 18, 2018

really osm article got to know new things

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