Sleeping Positions For Babies: What Is Safe & What Is Not

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 Sleeping Positions For Babies What Is Safe What Is Not
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Amidst numerous challenges faced by new parents, putting the newborn baby to sleep seems to be the most daunting task. While adequate sleep is important for the development and growth, it is important that new parents are aware of the different baby sleeping positions and know which position is good for baby sleep.

Pediatricians from around the world have confirmed that the best sleeping positions for baby is the spine position or laying them on their back. Further, experts recommend that parents should keep a watch if the infant is rolling back to their stomach. Infants who sleep on soft mattress are more likely to roll on their tummies hence parents should ensure that their little ones are sleeping on a firm surface. 

Best Sleep Positions for Newborn - As Per American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics the best sleep positions for newborn is sleeping on the back as this minimized the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Experts believe that infant who sleep on their tummy are predisposed to SIDS because they breathe in more of their own exhaled carbon dioxide trapped between their face and the mattress or do not have enough strength to turn their heads and die of suffocation.

Some babies who are born premature are kept in their front in the neonatal care unit in a hospital. However, they should start sleeping on their back as soon as they are back home. Parents should remember that at a neonatal care unit babies are monitored continuously and are under strict supervisions. The sleep routine should be fixed as soon as they are back to home unless advised otherwise by the doctors for some medical reasons. (Source)

Which Baby Sleeping Position is Safest?

Often, new parents ask which position is good to sleep for baby. Parents should be aware that babies should always sleep on their back. Many babies prefer to sleep on their side or they often fall sleep immediately on their tummy. Hence parents need to be watchful and set up these sleeping routine for the newborn. Setting a sleep pattern will help babies to learn the correct sleep position.

  1. Doctors recommend that babies should be put to bed instead making them sleep on your arm.
  2. Babies are safest in their cots with just a firm mattress and a blanket.
  3. Anything extra like a pillow or a soft toy could become hazards if the baby drags it on his/her face.

Hence parents should remove all the extras from the cot while the baby is sleeping. Once the baby grows up, gains strength and starts rolling on his/her own, it is safe to sleep on their sides. However, if your child has a medical concern, speak to your pediatrician for sleeping advice. Read How to Get Toddlers Turn-in for the Night Sleep?

Wishing best babycare. 

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| Oct 16, 2019

My 10 and half month old baby sleeps on her tummy side is it safe for her?

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| Oct 03, 2019

my 5 month baby sleep in his tummy .. is it safe or not ?

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| Oct 03, 2019

my baby sleep on her lateral side

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| Oct 03, 2019


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| Aug 18, 2018

My 7 month old baby sleep his tummy side is it safe or not

  • Report

| Jul 16, 2018

my baby sleeps on tummy sides is it safe?she is 1 year and 4months old

  • Report

| Jul 10, 2018

My baby is 10 month old and she sleep in my arms, when she is asleep I kept her in bed. From when we need to train her to sleep in bed, please help.

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| Jun 29, 2018

My baby has 4 mnths.. She used 2 sleep only one side.. Is it is safe or not.. Plz tel me

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| Jun 27, 2018


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| Jun 27, 2018

thanks nice information shared

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| Jun 25, 2018

My baby girl is turning 8th month.. Most of the time she sleeps on her tummy ..even if I try to make her to sleep on her back she sleeps for some time and again back to tummy position. Is it safe to leave her like that ?? What else can be done ?? Suggestions plz ...

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