Winter Allergies During Pregnancy & Ways to Cope-up with These

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Winter Allergies During Pregnancy Ways to Cope up with These
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Pregnant women are at a high risk of suffering from allergies during winter and hence care must be taken for the same. The hormonal changes, coupled with a weak immune system, makes you more susceptible to winter allergies while pregnant like sneezing, itchy eyes, sore throat and wheezing. In order to avoid taking medicines for each and every allergy, you can ensure prevention from them. [ReadWhich Foods to Avoid During Winter Pregnancy]

What Are Common Winter Allergies During Pregnancy?

Winter allergies are quite common during pregnancy considering low immunity. There are a few winter allergies which you might face such as...

  1. Nasal Secretion: With winters round the corner, you might start feeling itchy in your nose and can even confront nasal secretions if it gets worse. These nasal secretions can be watery and clear which is similar to a running nose and is also very common during winters. It is best to visit your doctor and safe to carry a handkerchief with you everywhere in order to blow your nose in the same
  2. Itchy Eyes & Throat: Cold winds can blow dust everywhere which might lead to itchy eyes and throat as well. When you come across such allergies, you must avoid rubbing your eyes too much as it will turn red. If you are stepping out during the day time make sure to wear sunglasses to prevent any dust from getting in. While you cannot cover your throat in any such manner, it is best to drink boiled water turned lukewarm during winter months to kill off the harmful bacteria. If your situation gets worse, it is best to receive immediate medical attention
  3. Chills and Body Ache: Feeling cold constantly and having body aches can be common but if this problem persists then you shouldn't delay in visiting your doctor. Cover yourself in layers when at home or even when stepping outside to avoid the harsh cold winds hitting against you

How to Protect Yourself From Winter Allergies?

Let us look at some ways in which you can prevent yourself from all the winter allergies. Read below...

  1. Maintain Bedroom Hygiene: Since you spend most of your time in the bedroom make sure you keep it clean. The pillow covers, bedsheet, and mattress become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria which is why cleaning them time and again is one rule that you must follow. Wash the pillowcases and bed sheet often so that keeping them clean will automatically keep off the bacteria
  2. Maintain Right Moisture Balance: Breathing dry indoor air constantly can dry out your nasal passage, causing irritation and inflammation, which is why you must use a humidifier in your house to keep the right moisture balance
  3. Have Someone Else Groom Your Pet: If you have a pet at home and like grooming him/her, it might be the reason behind your allergies. You can have someone else groom your pet for the time being in order to keep yourself healthy during the winters. Avoid frequent brushing and cleaning your pet as animal dander can get in your nose or mouth causing various allergies that you might find tough to cope up with
  4. Saline Spray in Use: Use a saline spray when your nose is congested. A couple of spray squirts can help clear your nose by getting away with the gunk trapped in between your nose
  5. Vacuum Your Home: Keeping your windows shut can allow more dry air trapped in the house and hence you should vacuum it more in order to get rid of any dust and pollen. Make sure you vacuum your bed and sofa frequently to get rid of any dust mites that might get into your skin and cause irritation. Wash your hands after cleaning your house
  6. Allow proper ventilation: You must keep your windows open in order to let fresh air pass in as shutting the doors and windows becomes a perfect breeding ground for mites and molds.

These are the types of allergies you might face when pregnant during the winters and the above-mentioned ways are to prevent yourself from them. You must not delay in receiving medical attention when pregnant as these allergies might get worse and bring adverse effects on your child too. [ReadWhat Should Be Baby Weight During 4, 6 or 7 Months of Pregnancy?]

Did you like the blog on how to protect yourself from winter allergies during pregnancy? Do you have some more ways to protect oneself from these winter allergies? Please do share them with us in the comments section below as we would love to hear from you.


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