What Foods to Avoid During Winter Pregnancy ?

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What Foods to Avoid During Winter Pregnancy
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Pregnancy is the most important phase of a woman's life. This is one of the few states of affairs that one think twice before eating or drinking something. We all know that the food consumed by the mother influences the healthy progression of the pregnancy and development of the fetus. Now the winter is on your doorstep, you need to learn to avoid certain foods while pregnant.

With some exclusive seasonal fruits and vegetables that one can enjoy only during this season, winter pregnancy, more likely, could bring about new cravings. Also, when it comes to vegetables and fruits, we have often heard that seasonal vegetables and fruits are more beneficial for health. So, check what to eat and what to avoid in winter pregnancy.

Fruits & Veggies You Must Avoid During Winter Pregnancy

Here's a list of fruits, veggies, and other foods, which you should avoid if you are pregnant now. While most of these fruits are considered healthy and beneficial otherwise during pregnancy, it is in the winter season that these should be avoided as they are not the winter fruits or veggies.

  • Asparagus: Due to its high content of folic acid and many other nutrients, asparagus is a highly recommended food to consume during pregnancy. It enhances the taste of the soups. Soups are good to have in winter. However, the asparagus available during winter are not of the best quality. It is originally a spring vegetable. Instead of green and crispy they will turn pale green and woody. Instead of light green vegetables, opt for the deep green ones during a winter pregnancy
  • Berries: Strawberries and blueberries are filled with vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium, folic acid, and antioxidants. All these are very beneficial for mother and unborn baby. However, the skin of the strawberries available in the market during winter will be pale. This shows that they are less in phytonutrients. The vitamin C also will be negligible in strawberries during winter. The blueberries that available in winter are looking fresh just because of the preservatives used. Just like strawberries, blueberries also will lose their nutritional value during the winter. Therefore, avoid eating these berries during the winter. Read This - Winter Skincare Tips for Pregnant Women
  • Dairy Products: Milk (except warmed turmeric milk), cream, and cheese are must-have food during pregnancy. However, it can create issues during the winter. They can bring about chest congestion during the winter days. It can aggravate the cold, and cough and worsen the stomach bug. All these health issues are very common during the winter and pregnant women are more prone to them as well. Even though they are not serious issues, they can evidently create uncomfortable outcomes
  • Fried Food: Nothing can beat some fried samosas and hot tea during a cold winter day. However, it is preferred to stay away from your fried food cravings during winter pregnancy (once in a while you can satisfy your craving. Here we are talking about more frequent consumption). According to a new study, those who eat fried food more often during pregnancy are at a much higher risk of gestational diabetes
  • White Sugar: Cold weather and hot chocolate are closely related. White sugar, its main ingredient, is a highly processed, refined product without any nutrition. Too much sugar can weaken one's immune system. Some studies show that pregnant women who had consumed a lot of sugar or products with sugar syrups are not able to fight off bacteria as good as those who are not. White sugar may satisfy your craving but not your health
  • Alcohol: Even though everybody knows that alcohol consumption will affect the normal progression of pregnancy and development of the fetus, during cold winter days, even pregnant women (who stopped drinking alcohol due to pregnancy) will have an urge to take a sip of it. They might think one or two sips to warm up the body will do no harm. During winter, the possibility of insufficient intake of water increases. Therefore, the chances of dehydration will also rise. Intake of alcohol, even if in small quantity, dehydrates the body extensively. This increases the chances of dehydration that brings about several complications in the course of pregnancy
  • Halibut Fish: Native to the northern Pacific and Atlantic waters, Halibut is a good source of protein, selenium, phosphorus, niacin and omega-3 fatty acids. It is safe to eat this fish in limited quantities during pregnancy. However, during winter halibut is out-of-season. If you find it in the market, most probably they are preserved ones, with preservatives and without nutrients. These type of foods should strictly avoid during a winter pregnancy

Are Out-Of-Season Fruits& Vegetables Beneficial in Pregnancy?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are always healthy and beneficial as compared to fruits and vegetables that are not seasonal, yet are available in the market thanks to cold storage and other technologies to keep them fresh.

Fruit and veggies that have been in cold storage to retain their freshness were cultivated in different climatic conditions and then put into cold storage to be shipped to various parts of the world. In the transit, these fruits and veggies lose their natural sugars, Vitamins, and minerals. Therefore, the out-of-season fruits and veggies are less healthy as compared to seasonal fruits and veggies.

Health Precaution If You Are Pregnant?

Is all the food available in the winter market are safe to consume during pregnancy? Are all those special winter dishes good for winter pregnancy? Do you also have the same doubts? Learn what foods are to be avoided and what to be eaten during winter pregnancy. We do hope that you have taken note of all the foods to be avoided during winter pregnancy. 

Do you have a list of some more foods, fruits, and veggies that one should avoid during winter pregnancy? Share your views and feedback in the comments section below..


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| Dec 06, 2017

Pregnant women need to steer away from some common everyday foods as what they eat and drink is feeding their growing baby. thanks for sharing this useful blog.

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| Nov 11, 2019

I have a month old baby.. and with exclusive breastfeeding.. but still I face colic issue and he struggles a lot release gas and also disturbing his sleep:

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| Dec 18, 2019

What about eating potato daily?

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