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Winter Skincare Tips for Expecting Moms

Ridhi Doomra

Created by Ridhi Doomra
Updated on Dec 23, 2019

Winter Skincare Tips for Expecting Moms
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Being pregnant should only make you look more beautiful. Yes, pregnancy can be overwhelming with mood swings hormonal and body changes taking over, but let this not take your overall attention. As the days get shorter and the temperature begins to decline, on go the sweaters and boots and off go the shorts and sandals. Your spirit may be singing the praises of autumn and spring, but your skin cries out loud with the winter blues- dry scaly, rough, spots on heels, knees, and elbows.

Especially in winters, pregnant women should be a little more conscious and careful in regard to their skin regime. With this in mind, our blogger Ridhi Doomra brings you skincare tips for a winter pregnancy.

Winter Skincare Tips for Pregnant Women

Here are certain skincare Ideas for wintertime pregnancy care. Read below...

1. Avoid Chemicals: Not all cosmetic products are compatible during pregnancy. There are several ingredients that may harm a mother-to-be or the baby inside the womb. Products having bleaching agents can be harmful to both the mother to be and the baby inside.

2. Stay Hydrated: First and foremost you need to drink plenty of water. Drink at least 2 liters of water, which flushes out all the toxins and also maintains amniotic fluid which is good for the baby in the womb.

3. Avoid Sun & Use Sun Block: Pregnant women undergo many hormonal fluctuations which make their skin more sensitive, which also becomes prone to darkening and pigmentation. Avoiding the hormonal imbalance is not practical but what you can avoid is going out in the sun and try and use sunblock with SPF 30++.

4. Diet & Exercise: Avoid eating junk and food outside. Stick to healthy, organic, homemade food including green leafy vegetables, pulses, fruits, salads, which will give nutrition to the skin. Also opt for yoga for pregnant women and a little walk in the fresh air will not only be good for your skin but will give you the feel-good factor for both the mother to be and the baby. [Read - Fruits & Veggies to Avoid During Winter Pregnancy]

5. Maintain Good Skin Regime: In winters moisturizing the skin is basic. Due to excess cold, skin becomes prone to breakouts and dryness, hence needs to be treated early in advance.

6. Try Home Made recipes for skin: The Best way to take care of your skin during winter is to use raw milk as a cleanser. You may mix corn and honey to make a home-made scrub. Get a good head oil massage. To prevent stretch marks apply fresh Aloe Vera and Coconut oil.

These are a few skincare tips that I have shared. What skincare regime did you follow during winter? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below. Please do share your thoughts and feedback.

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| Dec 28, 2017

Conveying your child in your womb is the most delightful experience and a valuable period that a mother can appreciate in her life time. Worry for your infant's wellbeing, prosperity and one's own wellbeing is vital to have a protected and sound pregnancy. Eating regimen amid Pregnancy: Great sustenance amid pregnancy guarantees your child gets the correct begin. Little, visit and solid suppers containing folate, press, calcium, zinc and omega-3 unsaturated fat ought to be taken. A lot of water in the middle of the dinners is beneficial for you and your infant. You don't have to eat for two, rather your calorie consumption amid initial a half year ought to be pretty much the same (pre pregnancy state), while increment in just 200 calorie/day amid the most recent three months is suggested. Working ladies can take nuts and organic product servings of mixed greens as mid feast snacks and hand crafted lunch as opposed to going out to the shopping center or eatery for lunch. Street go of any sort is protected, if, you are watchful of uneven streets and boisterous activity. You must be more cautious if there is related hypertension, diabetes or history of past unexpected labor. For more information please visit

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| Dec 21, 2016

@maheek wani, morning sickness is something very natural with some expecting moms, so take it easy, try to wake up and indulge in yoga and some morning strolling... rest it will become normal gradually..

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| Dec 10, 2016

I ask for how to cope up with morning sickness

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| Dec 01, 2016

Dear Ankit you must see good dermatologist for this problem , and consult your gynae doc soon if there is some deficiency in your body... just discuss your diet also with the doctor and make changes if required...

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| Dec 01, 2016

As long as you are comfortable with your postures during love making... it depends on the mother to be if she doesn't feel much stretching or pain...

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| Nov 29, 2016

is it safe to have sex during pregnancy in first trimester? ?

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| Nov 28, 2016

I need some suggestions as I am 7month pregnant and I am getting pock or small boils on my face specially on foreheads. my skin is looking scaly, dull and darker. can u suggest me some remedies to get rid of this.

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