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7 Foods & Fruits to Improve Child's Eyesight in Winter

Puja Sharma Vasisht
1 to 3 years

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Updated on Nov 25, 2021

7 Foods Fruits to Improve Childs Eyesight in Winter
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When it comes to the list of seasonal veggies and fruits, winters are the best. There are plenty of seasonal, winter vegetables, fruits and other foods, which are good for the eyes and will help in eyesight improvement in your child. These winter foods not only help strengthen a child's eyesight but if a child has weak eyesight - these foods may improve a kid's eyesight too. These foods are particularly rich in vitamin A that has a well-known function in enhancing the visual process. It is necessary for having a good vision in dim light.

Best Vitamin A Rich Foods for Eyes Health 

So, scroll down below to check out a list of what to eat to promote healthy eyes in your child this winter. know about more winter foods that will improve your child's eyesight then keep reading.

Carrots Are Great For Eyesight -

Carrots are known for being one of the richest sources of carotene (a type of vitamin A). Carotene is named so because it is found abundant in carrots. An average weighing carrot of 100 grams can roughly provide for your child's daily vitamin A requirements. Vitamin A, in turn, helps in keeping eyes healthy and helps prevent a deficiency called night blindness (where night vision is impaired) in children.

Giving traditional dishes like gajar ka halwa and murrabba (preserve) are a great way to incorporate these into your child's diet. Besides these recipes, carrots in soup, salads and vegetables are easy foods for eyesight improvement. Alternatively, carrots can also be used in muffins, cakes, idlis, pasta, sandwiches or any recipe that you can think of to improve the eyesight of your child.

Green Leafy Vegetables To Strengthen Eyesight -

Different types of ‘saag' like methi (fenugreek), sarson (mustard), bathua, palak (spinach) and etc. are found abundantly in winters. These also happen to be winter foods to strengthen children's eyesight. If your child is reluctant to have the traditional saag, there are other ways to include these greens in your child's diet. Include these like spinach soup and bathua raita. Also, greens like methi or bathua kneaded into chapatti, makki and missi roti dough is a great method too. Another way is to first make a soup of these greens. Then this green soup can also be used to thicken the usual curry or gravy, which the child usually eats. A daily inclusion of 25-50 grams of green leafy vegetables in your child's diet can provide for vitamin A requirement. Helpful Read: Health Benefits of Spinach for Children

Apricots Can Improve Eyesight -

Another food, which has plenty of carotenes to help improve your child's eyesight is apricot. It can be combined with other fruits or vegetables in a salad. Apricots can also be used to make a dip or jam. These can be used on toasts, pancakes or chapattis of your child. Apricot relish can also be made, which can be used instead of regular ketchup in a sandwich, with cutlets, rolls and etc. Moreover, apricots can simply be given to eat to your child. Apricots are particularly rich in carotene; two-three pieces of this fruit can meet more than 50% requirement of carotene. Helpful Read: Why & Which Dried Fruits, Nuts to feed Children?

Papayas Are Rich In Carotene -

Papayas are another winter fruit that works wonders for improving weak eyes. A good source of carotene, this fruit is particularly liked to be taken in breakfasts. Eat is raw or mix with honey and almond – this fruits are delicious and can also act as a dessert. Helpful Read: Benefits of Eating Papaya for Toddlers

Fishes Have Abundance Of Vitamin A -

Fish liver oils are commonly used as vitamin A supplements, where the deficiency of vitamin A is seen. Fishes like cod, halibut and shark are brilliant for strong eyesight in children. So, this food is the perfect source of vitamin A, if your family has non-vegetarian eating habits. Give your child grilled or baked fish, twice or thrice a week to help provide ample amounts of vitamin A.

Eggs For All Seasons -

Eggs contain vitamin A in the form of retinol, a form in which it can be directly absorbed by the body. Eggs can be given as veggie omelette or simply boiled. You can even dip the bread in some beaten eggs' batter and grill or fry to make some egg toasts. For desserts, eggs can be used to make fresh custard with milk without the custard powder. Eggs can also be used to make pancakes, which can be given with either a savoury (chopped and sautéed vegetables) or sweet filling (apricot jam, raisins, dates and nuts filing), depending on your child's taste.

Butter & Ghee To Boost Eyesight -

These traditional winter foods are an equally good source of retinol for vegetarians from an animal source. Adding a spoon or two of ghee or butter to your child's diet is another way to strengthen your child's eyesight. If you are into the homemade baking of cakes, muffins and biscuits, replace the oil or margarine with butter for increasing vitamin A content of these. Helpful Read: When & How To Give Ghee to Kids & Toddlers?

Foods like capsicum, sweet potatoes, yam, ripe tomatoes and cape gooseberry are few more examples of foods, which may be used for improving the eyesight of your child.


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quite an informative blog with sources of food that would help in promoting eye health..

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