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3 Conditions that Cause dehydration during pregnancy


Created by Laura
Updated on Jun 14, 2017

3 Conditions that Cause dehydration during pregnancy

A lot of mothers experience morning sickness when they are pregnant. I was a victim of it. Troubled with this condition, I soon realised that morning sickness is treated as a trivial prerogative of pregnancy (in some cases even treated as amusing), or as I was told by my paediatrician, it sometimes leads to a potentially life-threatening condition hyperemesis gravidarum, which can land women in the hospital for dehydration.

Morning sickness symptoms typically begin at 4-6 weeks and peak at 9-13 weeks, and they include vomiting, nausea, increased sweating and more frequent urination.

My symptoms of morning sickness were greatly diminished by the second and third trimesters. But as some of my friends shared their experiences, I came to know that mothers may experience morning sickness throughout their pregnancies.


Causes of Dehydration in Pregnancy

Hence I feel the need to share the conditions that I came to know during my pregnancy with other pregnant moms -

#1. Why Morning Sickness Causes Dehydration:

The symptoms of morning sickness - vomiting, increased sweating and more frequent urination -  all these factors haste the loss of water and electrolytes. Additionally, constant nausea discourages you from drinking fluids voluntarily. This can make it more difficult to replace lost nutrients.

My paediatrician told me about hyperemesis, also called severe morning sickness, is a rare condition that affects a few expecting mothers. The symptoms of hyperemesis are often confused with those of morning sickness. However, they should not be taken lightly. They are much more severe and last throughout the pregnancy. Few of the symptoms include severe vomiting, extreme nausea and the inability to keep foods down.


#2. Why Hyperemesis Causes Dehydration:

Morning sickness is almost synonymous with nausea. Like morning sickness, the symptoms of Hyperemesis cause a rapid loss of fluids and electrolytes. In addition to these conditions, a mother may have fever during this condition. Fever in this case is sometimes associated with the vomiting and nausea of Hyperemesis resulting in an increased sweating and amplified fluid loss.


#3. Diarrhea during Pregnancy

It can be caused by sudden dietary changes, increased hormone production or sensitivity to certain foods. Some women experience this condition during pregnancy. Although personally, I did not have this condition. During the third trimester, diarrhea may affect a few mothers, especially nearing the due date.

How Diarrhea Causes Dehydration: Diarrhea results in a severe loss of water and electrolytes. It is one of the leading causes of dehydration. Replenishing water and electrolytes following an episode of diarrhea is critical to prevent dehydration.

Simple 4 ways to replenish water –

  1. To a glass of water, add a tablespoon each of lemon juice and brown sugar. Stir till the sugar melts and you have yourself a refreshing drink. If you like, add a few mint leaves also.
  2. To make electrolyte water, add a teaspoon full of brown sugar to a glass of water and a pinch of salt. Stir and your drink is ready.
  3. Fruit juices any time during the day is a good idea to remain hydrated.
  4. During summer, have home made ‘chach’ (buttermilk)


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| Jul 09, 2016

Hi Laura.. I m 33wk now. now a days I feel nausea whole day. Sometimes I do vomiting. What should I do?

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| May 23, 2016

Nausea is just a symptom. This is a result of increased hormones in the body.

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| May 22, 2016

i do experienced nausia n vomiting till d date of my delivery. why was it so??? i was suffered a lot.

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| May 19, 2016

Well written :)

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| May 18, 2016

Thanks, helpful tips for my sister who is pregnant now.

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| May 18, 2016

Though I never faced any of the issues, the tips and pointers given here are quite useful

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