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Easy To Digest Foods During Exams

Huda Shaikh
11 to 16 years

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Updated on Nov 15, 2021

Easy To Digest Foods During Exams
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Exams! Exams! Exams. While the word itself is enough to haunt the child and his/her parents, it is best to adopt a healthier lifestyle in order to give a great performance. With loads of matter to study and revise, your child would need enough energy to combat the ever-increasing stress. Not only does your child require a nutritious diet, he/she needs to incorporate healthy & nutritous foods which can get digested easily which wouldn’t make him/her feel bloated or lethargic just before the test. Here are foods which are a must have in your child’s diet. Always remember you can add a twist and give it to your growing one.

What Diet Should be During Exams for Your Child 

But make sure you are keeping the nutrition of a particular food intact rather than loading it with salt, sugar or too many masalas!

  1. Fruits and Veggies-

    Fruits and veggies are a great source of fiber hence capable of keeping you full for longer duration. Not only fiber but they are loaded with vitamins and minerals which can boost your mind and body, making you ever-ready for an examination. All the more, they soothe your digestive system and get digested easily
  2. Yogurt-

    While consuming yogurt is always considered to be auspicious before doing a good job, yogurt can be a boon if your exams are round the corner. Yogurt is rich in calcium and protein and is great for your digestive tract. If not yogurt then you can prepare a glass of buttermilk out of it with a pinch of cumin powder and mint leaves and see your food getting digested in no time. Read: Exam time Snack Ideas for Child
  3. Eggs-

    To be precise, eggs don’t take as much time as chicken and fish take in order to get digested. It’s easy to digest, high in protein, boosts your memory and energy and what’s more it’s filling too. You can simply prepare a boiled egg or make a boiled egg sandwich/salad for your growing one
  4. Veggie khichdi-

    When you are taking up an examination make sure you take up go light your digestive system. A khichdi is with some veggies, can give you a right combination fiber and proteins and if consumed with a katori of yogurt, it can keep your child full for a longer duration. Make sure you eat less of rice, since it can make you drowsy
  5. Fluid/Water Intake -

    While it cannot be counted as a food but it’s as important as food. Water is not only important to detox but it keep one hydrated. It aids in digestion and makes sure your digestive process is functioning efficiently. Hence make sure that your child carries a bottle of water to the examination hall. Read: Health Drinks to Boost Immunity during exams seasons


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| Feb 19, 2018

since exam season is going on, these food tips would prove to be quite beneficial for parents .

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| Jun 27, 2022

interesting! but often teens after college don't know where to go to work, and they can't get a proper job because they are inexperienced and shy. this article will help you put together a proper and quality resume that will definitely get you hired. i always dreaded exams, but job interviews are the scariest of them all xd

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