Eating Greek Yogurt During Pregnancy - Is It Safe?

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Eating Greek Yogurt During Pregnancy Is It Safe

Pregnancy is a phase that brings in lots of excitement, but it is also a time when you have to exercise maximum caution. Whether it is the food you take, the exercises and activities you do, everything has an effect on you and the baby. Therefore, it is important to consult your doctor at the outset to decide which foods are permissible and which are a complete “No”. The regular foods and vegetables that we eat are all almost OK, but there are some that your friends may suggest and you may not be too sure of. One among these is Greek Yoghurt.

What is Greek Yoghurt?

Simply put, it is yoghurt that has been strained to leave aside lactose and whey. It is creamy and tangy; in fact, it tastes just like sour cream and is rich in texture. Moreover, it contains half the amount of sodium and carbohydrates found in normal yoghurt and this makes it a healthy substitute for normal yoghurt.

Is It Safe During Pregnancy?

In fact, Greek yoghurt is believed to be rich in nutrients needed on a regular basis especially for a pregnant woman. So, if you are reading this and are pregnant, head to your local store and stock up. But be careful to check that it is made from pasteurized milk. The ones made from unpasteurized milk are known to contain Listeria, a bacterium that might cross the placenta and can either cause miscarriage or can be fatal for the baby. So, remember to check the pack carefully before you get them.

Benefits Of Greek Yoghurt

Let's look at why Greek yoghurt can be safely consumed by pregnant women.

  1. A Powerhouse of Vitamins: Greek yoghurt contains just the right amount of vitamins needed for a healthy pregnancy. It contains about 2 percent of Vitamin A essential for the health of your baby's eyes. In fact, Chobani, a variety of Greek yoghurt provides 2 percent of daily requirement of Vitamin C and iron as well
  2. Rich in Calcium: Doctors always recommend calcium for pregnant women for the development of baby's bones, teeth and nails. In fact, if your diet doesn't supply enough calcium to the baby it will draw the required amount from your body which can leave you deficient. The good news is, plain Greek yoghurt (approximately I cup) provides 20 percent of your daily calcium needs, while fruits flavors provide 10 percent
  3. High on Protein: Compared to regular varieties of yoghurt, Greek yoghurt contains twice the amount of protein. It is well known that protein is highly essential during pregnancy to support the overall development of the baby and to give energy to the mother to endure pregnancy. 1 cup of plain Greek yoghurt provides about 20 gms of protein, while flavored varieties of the same quantity provide about 12 gms
  4. Weight Check: For women watching out their weight during this phase, its good news because Greek yoghurt contains less sugar than regular yoghurt. Its high protein will keep you full for long and keep away hunger pangs in between meals so that you are not tempted towards junk food. What's more it's known to cut down your food cravings. Isn't that wonderful?
  5. Good Natural Source for Vitamin B12 and Iodine: During pregnancy, women are asked to consume foods rich in Vitamin B12 and Iodine because it is crucial for the brain development of the fetus. Iodine also helps normal functioning of the thyroid glands. Greek yoghurt is just perfect for it because it contains both in good amount
  6. Builds Bone Health and Helps Maintain Blood Pressure at Normal Levels: Greek yoghurt is loaded with magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, besides calcium that are imperative for bone health during pregnancy. In fact, it also helps prevent osteoporosis as you grow older. Besides, these minerals are also essential to maintain blood pressure at normal levels. If you take a serving of Greek yoghurt every day, you can easily do away with calcium supplements
  7. Rich in Probiotics: Greek yoghurt contains high traces of probiotics that promote good bacteria in the gut. These are essential to prevent diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and keeps the vagina healthy
  8. Prevents Bloating: Pregnant women normally complain of bloating, indigestion and gastritis. But Greek yoghurt can do wonders by helping you keep away from these. So remember to include them in your diet daily

Greek yoghurt is therefore magical as it is loaded with all the essential nutrients that a pregnant womean must have in her daily menu. So don't forget to add this to your 'to buy and stock' list. However, as mentioned earlier, make sure it is made from pasteurized milk and remember to check the manufacturing/expiry dates before getting it. Stay healthy and enjoy the nine 'amazing' months !

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| Dec 05, 2017

Greek yogurt is definitely a powerhouse of nutrients and keeps cravings for junk food at bay. very useful blog, thanks for sharing..

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