Hepatitis Virus Causes, Protection Tips for Your Child

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Hepatitis Virus Causes Protection Tips for Your Child
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Hepatitis Virus: All You Should Know! With your little one slowly building his immunity system, his body is susceptible to catching different viral infections. Hepatitis is one of the major concerns that plague parents. Although there are vaccinations available to safeguard against Hepatitis, very little is known about its types, how it spreads, symptoms and results of the infection. To bring to light these important facts, we spoke with our pediatrician Dr. Himani Khanna, on the subject of the Hepatitis virus, its causes and how we can protect our children from it. Here are the excerpts.

What Is Hepatitis & Types Of Hepatitis?

Hepatitis is inflammation of liver post viral infection. There are two types of hepatitis -- acute and chronic.

  1. Acute hepatitis occurs when it lasts for less than six months
  2. Chronic hepatitis occurs when it persists for a longer time

Hepatitis may present with symptoms of jaundice, anorexia (loss of hunger), vomiting and malaise or uneasiness, pain in abdomen, passage of dark colored urine and light stools.

How Can We Protect Our Children From This Illness?

Hepatitis A and E infections can be prevented by eating healthy and nutritious food and drink clean and pure water,whereas hepatitis B, C and D can be prevented by using sterile needles and sterile medical equipment. [Know More: How to Be safe from Nipah Virus?]

What Are The Vaccinations Available?

  1. Hepatitis B vaccine and Hepatitis A vaccines are available. Hepatitis B vaccination schedule starts soon after birth and 2 doses are given before 6 months of age
  2. Hepatitis A vaccination can be given to all children after 1 year of age
  3. No vaccine is available for hepatitis C however prevention from hepatitis B indirectly is preventive

Which One Is More Concerning Out Of A, B, And C?

  1. The most common type among these is hepatitis A infection, which has a femoral route of spread and hence ingestion of food, water, or other objects contaminated with fecal matter from someone who has the infection (even in very, very tiny amounts) can lead to infection. Post-infection child may be sick for a few weeks to a few months and they mostly recover with no lasting liver damage. It is rarely fatal
  2. Hepatitis B infection is caused by direct contact with.
    1. Body fluids (blood, saliva, and so on) from someone who has the infection
    2. By sharing personal items that have been contaminated with his blood such as toothbrushes, razors, or glucose monitors
    3. An infected mother can pass it to her baby at birth

Post-infection child may be sick for a few weeks to a few months, while some others may not have any symptoms. About one forth may go on to have a chronic infection.

What Is The Best Cure For Hepatitis?

Prevention is the best cure of Hepatitis virus, along with maintaining a hygienically healthy environment. So take extra care to offer only the healthiest, most nutritious and hygienic food to your little one. Make sure the water he drinks is clean. And get his vaccinations on time! After all, prevention is the best cure.

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i am infected with Hepititis A my dr suggested me i can feed my baby but i hav stopped feeding can I feed him

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Hello Dr. I am infected with hepatitis C and my baby 4 month so what precautions I do and what chances baby infected with hcv.

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