12 Ways to Keep Your Child Busy or Engaged During Winter

Dr Reetika Inderjeet Juneja
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Updated on Nov 07, 2020

12 Ways to Keep Your Child Busy or Engaged During Winter
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Winter season is the best time to bond with your child, as shorter days ensure that your child is home early from his or her outdoor play and can spend some time with you in the cosy comfort of your warm home. This in turn can make your child cranky and irritated, as the play time has reduced and there is nothing much left to do with his or her time post finishing the homework of course.

With short days and long evenings in the cold winter season there is a lot you can do to strengthen the bond between you and your child. But how do you do it? Well by planning some interesting activities to keep them busy constructively.

It's a good idea to plan ahead with each activity like which activity you will like to do once the child comes back from school and which one can be done on a weekend. Do involve your child in planning, so that there are no last minute cribbing and complaining. And yes, do ensure to keep a healthy mix of activities so that boredom doesn't set in and the child is also excited about what activity is planned for the day.


How to Keep Child Engaged in Winter? - Follow These 12 Ideas 

Here, below is the listing of few activities that can be done in order to make child's winter more interesting & special. Read these 12 ideas to stay kids engaged during winter season...

#1. Make Your Own Games:

Restrict all computer games for that day and make kids play something realistic and interesting using their imagination called as pretend play as we do with small babies. Get plenty of colors, color papers, glue, stickers and all stuff you need to make something interesting for your play

#2. Cooking and baking:

Indulge your child with you in kitchen. Make him help you with cooking or baking something special and different than usual days

#3. Picnic and Camping:

There's no need to go for picnic. Just give you a all available stuff and see how they pack each stuff properly and arrange for picnic at home. CAMPING: Build a tent indoor and outdoor with blankets, sheets and give them a torch and a picnic to go on

#4. Engage in Painting:

Give them some colors and few sheets of papers and let them colour as per their imagination. Arrange a drawing competition with friends or between siblings and give them rewards of appreciation. Paint using their hands and feet and make it a fun activity. Read: How To Hone Your Child's Painter's Skills? 

#5. Jewellery Making:

This task is mostly liked by girls as this is bit girly thing but you can even indulge boys with you. Jewellery making will again enhance their imagination and fine motor skills

#6. Treasure hunt:

Let them play treasure hunt by making some maps and hints of hidden objects inside house. It will be a treat for them when they solve the clues and finishes the hunt

#7. Play Dates:

Invite friends of your child and arrange play dated with them having different activities. This ways they can learn how to play or work in group. Play dates usually helps children to learn so many things that can give them few lifetime lessons as well. When they are busy playing you get time for yourself to do some work or you can even meet with other parents

#8. Share Household Chores:

Sharing cleaning, washing and domestic chores with children. Chores become more fun when done with conversations in between. Read This: Do These 8 Household Chores Together

#9. Puzzle making:

Make small puzzles and crosswords with pen and paper on your own. Must Play Brain-workout Games for Children

#10. Rediscover paper:

Make paper models and make a collage of it for memories

#11. Gift Decoration:

Make them to pack gifts and decorate them in innovative ideas. This will enhance their interest as small children love cutting n pasting a lot

#12. Have a Relaxed Day:

Now this can be even more fun, as on this day you let your child pick up things at random with no set routine or pattern and take the day as it comes. You can have a relaxed Saturday or a Sunday depending on what day you prefer to go with the flow without prior planning. Some of the ideas that you can throw at your child for a relaxed day include watching their favourite movies, cartoons with some healthy snacks and everything served at their place.


Did you like the blog on interesting activities to keep your child busy this winter season? Share your views and feedback in the comments section below.

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| Nov 13, 2017

amazing suggestions to keep our children occupied indoors this winters especially when it's not advisable to send them outdoors due to smog and related health concerns..

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| Aug 29, 2020

We must teach our children how to stay safe when they are out of our sights, such as what to do when stranger approach them for feeding, or when they are hurt in secluded place in park. This video really helped my child to stay safe and alert when he steps out of home, Must watch for every parent and child-

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