National Deworming Vaccination Dates 2018 - Why Is It Important For Your Child?

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National Deworming Vaccination Dates 2018 Why Is It Important For Your Child
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Does your child often complain of stomach ache? Don’t let this be the reason to make him/her skip school. This February, the Government is celebrating National Deworming Day. Having launched the initiative in 2015, the Government of India has made this the single largest public health initiative in India. Observed in the month of February, the main objective of this day is to deworm children aged between 1 to 19 years of age, at schools and anganwadi centres. The Ministry has also decided to give deworming vaccines and tablets to children of private schools.

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State-Wise Deworming Vaccination Dates Schedule 2018

Here is the state-wise schedule for National Deworming Day 2018 as given below to prevent chances of malnourishment, anaemia and insufficiency in the child’s overall growth. Parents from Bangalore, Hyderbad, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Patna, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune etc  need to keep always in check.


State Name Deworming Vaccination Dates
Delhi, Jharkhand, Kerala, Rajasthan 8th Feb’2018
Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Pondicherry, Telangana 9th Feb’2018
Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Goa, Lakshadweep, Daman & Diu, Andaman & Nicobar   10th Feb’2018
Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Karnataka, Punjab, Tamilnadu 12th Feb’18
Manipur, Mizoram, 13th Feb’18
Dadra Nagar Haveli 16th Feb’18
Bihar, Himachal Pradesh 19th Feb’18
Nagaland 22 Feb’18
Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim March [Dates Yet to Declare]
Orissa, Meghalaya April [Dates Yet to Declare]

Signs & Symptoms Of Intestinal Worm Infection

Stomach ache could be the first sign of intestinal worm infection. Infections transmitted from worms in the soil, referred to as Soil-Transmitted Helminths (STH) are commonly found in areas that lack proper sanitation. The symptoms begin with stomach ache, which soon leads to malnourishment, anaemia and insufficiency in the child’s overall growth and also affects cognitive development. Hence, The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, first launched the National Deworming Day in February to combat worm infestation among children. Know More: Nipah Virus (NiV) Signs & Symptoms, Precautions

Significance Of Deworming Children

Worm infection can lead to malnourishment, anaemia, impaired mental and physical development, and can also cause a serious threat to the affected child’s education and productivity. According to the studies, children affected with worm infections find it tough to put up with their daily activities and are unable to cope up with their education. This is the main reason why the Government of India has taken up this initiative to deworm children all over the country.

Significance Of Deworming Programme 2018 In India

According to WHO, India is leading in cases of Soil-Transmitted Helminths (STH) in the world, with 220 million children aged between 1 to 14 years of age estimated to be at risk of worm infections. Approximately 7 in 10 children between the ages of 6 months to 5 years are anaemic, with the rates of anaemia being higher in rural areas.

Soil-Transmitted Helminths(STHS)

As per WHO, soil-transmitted Helminths(STHS), also known as parasitic worms are amongst the most common infections throughout the world. It resides in human intestines and consumes nutrients meant for the human body. Producing thousands of eggs every day, they are passed through faeces and spread widely in areas, which lack proper sanitation facilities.

Take Note Of Deworming Tablets & Its Side Effects

Children between the ages of 1 to 2 years of age are given half a tablet of albendazole (400 mg), while children above the 2 years of age are given 1 full tablet of albendazole (400mg). These chewable tablets are very safe and seem to have minimum side effects. The side effects can include mild nausea or diarrhoea, which will pass quickly and the child will feel better soon.

In order to prevent your child from contracting any worm infection, make sure you maintain proper hygiene in your house and surroundings and also teach your child self care methods such as washing hands before eating a meal and so on. Common health issues such as stomach ache or nausea shouldn’t be ignored and you must seek medical intervention on an immediate basis.

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| Feb 10, 2018

Thanks for keeping us informed. Like the initiative. must take benefits towards better of your child. This i as beneficial as polio vaccine.

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| Feb 11, 2018

ye kb aur ho skta h. chattisgarh state ki date nikal chuki h. ye kha available hoga. private hospital mai is date me baad bi jaaye to ho skta h kya. agr bacche mai symptoms ko lekr ekdum clear nhi h phir bi agr lgta h to de skte h kya tablet koi side effects to nhi. qki mera 2 yr ka son soil wall paint ye khane ko krta h.

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| Feb 11, 2018

don't worry Divya Gupta .it will be covered in mop up day again

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| Feb 11, 2018

Nice blog

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| Feb 12, 2018

Thank u . A very good information

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| Feb 13, 2018

how often can we give this to the child, my daughter is 3 yrs old, and she is suffering from this very badly, should this be given on empty stomuch

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| Feb 15, 2018

@ umesha : plz consult Doctor

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