Common pregnancy fears and how to overcome them!

Nandini Muralidharan

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Updated on Sep 28, 2018

Common pregnancy fears and how to overcome them

Once you’ve seen the two pink lines, your excitement knows no bounds. There’s that stage of fist-pumping happiness, which then fades into a gnawing anxiety and fears about so many things. And if you’re the worrying type, pregnancy is the mother of fret fests. Some can’t stop wondering if their baby will be born healthy, while others imagine that they are going to make horrible moms. Read on and find out what the most common reasons for anxiety are, and how you can deal with them to enjoy your pregnancy.

Common Pregnancy Fears

Below are some common pregnancy fears.

1. My baby will probably have a birth defect – After having had the Nuchal Translucency scan and a host of other tests that threw up nothing, a friend of mine still wasn’t convinced. She researched various intrusive tests until finally her family had to intervene and calm her down. The truth is that factors like maternal age (>35), parents being a carrier of a genetic disorder and taking good care yourself during pregnancy play a huge factor in your baby’s health. Make sure you are regular with your folic acid tablets, avoid smoking and drinking. If you’re overweight, lose the extra kilos and make sure your blood sugar isn’t hitting the roof.

2. I won’t be able to handle the labour pain – Every pregnant woman thinks that labor is going to be her undoing. While it will be one of the most significant experiences in your life, know that so many have done it before you and chances are you will want to do it again. Yes, it hurts. But there are ways to help you alleviate the pain and anxiety. Take a birthing class and get as much information as possible on breathing and relaxation techniques. Your partner is your biggest support, so involve him as much as you can. Talk to your doctor about epidurals and find out all your options.

3. I will never shed those kilos post-delivery–First of all, mama, understand that your body is going through nothing short of a miracle. Pregnancy and labor are natural processes for a woman’s body and you should be proud. That said, you don’t need to let yourself go once you’ve recovered post-partum. A healthy diet and some fun Zumba or yoga, if that floats your boat, will help you stay fit.

4. My relationship with my spouse is going to suffer – Well, new parenthood is the greatest test of a relationship. And every new parent gets into it without a clue. There’s bound to be a lot of trying times as you and your partner figure out everything from how to bottle feed your little one to getting back your sex life. But just like everything else in life, this is a phase and it will pass. Don’t give up on your partner. Like in any relationship, communication is the key. Talk openly, have those awkward conversations and you’ll see how much it helps.

5. I won’t be a good mom – This one haunts almost every mother-to-be. The idea of a perfect mom is a myth. So when your time comes, all you need to do is pull up your socks and be a real mom. One who gives her best shot. Haters will hate, people will judge. I never believed her when my mother told me that I will know what’s best for my baby. But now I do believe that in a lot of matters, regardless of what ‘they’ say, all I need to do is trust my instinct.

While pregnancy-related anxiety and fears are absolutely natural, always be mindful of the fact that there’s a fine line between mild anxieties and depression. If you find yourself feeling low and depressed almost all the time, do let your doctor know. If left untreated during pregnancy, chances of post-partum depression become a lot high. Do you have any similar fears or anxieties? If yes, please share your fears with us in the comments section below and what did you do to overcome them. 

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| Oct 05, 2018

I am a first-time mom to be and I have these fears too. I am also doing a course from Abudo's website to gain knowledge here is the link to that course

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| Jan 26, 2017

several points r seem to be jst wht i think.... such a good article

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| Dec 03, 2016

great article indeed... every expecting mom experiences one or two fear as mentioned in the article..

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| Oct 12, 2016

Well written @nandini. Comman fears for all to be mommies.

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