Way of life for us at Parentune.


Parentune is a parent’s network, 24X7 parent’s partner. We are a safe place for parents to get trustworthy advice; to do what is right for their child. We empower each parent member with personalized advice, coming from like-minded parents, top Doctors, and Experts. Parentune is trusted and reached by over 10 million parents and has grown rapidly to support parents across Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities. Parentune has been the recipient of several accolades and recognitions like SuperStartup, Smart50, NASSCOM success story, HOTTECH100 and Wall Street Journal Live Global startup showcase

Our vision is to be the must-have-support for each parent. We support each parent to foster their child’s growth and development through meaningful & joyful experiences. We are a parent-first team and believe in being a positive delta for the quality of child development & parenting.

Culture Code

Culture lives through. Together as a team, we co-create Learn-Fun-Speed, our Culture code & way of life for us at Parentune. We believe that a learningful & fun-filled approach empowers us to our goals daily.


We are looking for smart, energetic, and passionate individuals who can grow with our team. This is for you, if only you are willing to go the extra mile, to have an almost maniacal approach to getting the details right. An interest to join our mission to help parents to do more for their child will help you connect instantly.

Current Openings

Please find the details on the open roles. Click “Apply Now” followed by the submission of your updated profile.

Data Transformer(Internship)

Location: Gurgaon

Reporting to: Product Manager

Business Transformer(Internship)

Location: Gurgaon

Reporting to: Business Manager

How do we onboard top talent

We invite you for a frank discussion and encourage you to ask as many and more questions to get to know each other better in each step.

A. Technical Discussion (2-4)

We will assess your technical knowledge, skills and execution abilities as they relate to the needs of the specific job you would like to take up. In addition to assessing your technical knowledge and skills, we value your thinking process, approach to problem-solving and whether you seem to be that person who will co-create the Parentune culture code with us.

B. Time-pressure Exercise

Tic tock, titock....yes, we will share an assignment with you which will have a problem statement and you will be asked to submit an action plan within 24 Hrs. Remember, we are looking for your approach more than you being right or wrong. The idea is to understand your thought process towards solving a problem within the given deadline.

C. References

We get in touch with your colleagues and your managers and your team to understand you better. Can't tell you how we do it, but here is where we are able to understand you from the eyes of your coworkers.

D. Shall We Cocreate the Culture

We do share our understanding of you constructively, independent of the final outcome. We do get your understanding of our work too. Once we do understand each other, we onboard you, the top talent to take Parentune onwards & upwards.

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Note: please don't share anything confidential with us.