How Parents Can Write Blogs For Parentune?

Once you submit your blog, our Content team shall receive it and go through it. They may take a few days to come back to you with their inputs and suggestions. For any further queries, you may write to us at

Parentune is the most rapidly growing online community of parents supporting parents to do more for their child. Parent Bloggers on parentune have led the community through focused, researched, and relevant blogs to help millions of parents across the globe. If you are a parent and would like to join this highly self driven network of Moms and Dads, you are on the right page. We at parentune are excited to walk side by side with you to support parents to do more for their child. It’s very simple to get started with your first blog in no more than a few steps. Here’s what to do,

  1. Write and Submit your first blog here.
  2. We encourage you to retain your own personal point of view and writing style.
  3. Your blog would ideally relate to your life stage.
  4. Most of the community is reading on mobile and so keeping it to crisp points, thinking of a creative title and adding some nice photos is the key.
  5. We take extra care to avoid any derogatory remark or a judgmental approach. Support is the key here.
  6. Please add an image only if it is your own. Avoid a copy-paste from the internet please.