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At, we welcome products and services useful to Parents, keeping parenting to the fore. Parentune is a parents only community and we shall strive to avoid spam on the site, and encourage quality products and services that would empower parents to do what is right for their child. The community shall focus on child Development and empowering best parenting practices, products and services in line with this philosophy will find seamless synergy with our community.

Advertising Policy Guidelines
  • Products and Services that help parenting, & foster child care & development would find seamless fitment and would be welcome to advertise on
  • Products and services found to have any kind of adverse impact on Children or if not Child friendly, would not be allowed on For eg. Baby Milk Powder would not be advertised on as we support breast feeding for babies.
  • Products and Services that are violent, racist, toxic or age inappropriate would not be promoted on For eg: We do not endorse and shall not promote WWE on
  • Products and Services that are of derogatory or top-down tone towards Parents would not be promoted on
  • At all times, a parent member's interest and convenience would precede the need of an advertiser.

Thank you for your interest in Please drop in an email to or you can also call us at 08826390439.

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