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Fire Safety for Children

Anubhav Srivastava
3 to 7 years

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Updated on Aug 29, 2020

Fire Safety for Children
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Do you know what to do immediately if your house catches fire? Or does your child know? Home fire spread quickly and considering the age and physiological abilities, children in the house are more vulnerable to it. Hence our children need to be careful and educated when it comes to fire safety. A little bit of planning can make a big difference!

Take the time now to review fire safety facts and tips so your family will be prepared in the event of a fire emergency in your home.


Prevention from Fire

Many home fires are initiated by children playing with inflammable substance found in homes such as lighters and matches. Here is the lish of sensible precautions or tips to take care and teach your child how to prevent the surrounding from a fire.

  • Do not use matchsticks, lighters, candles and other potential and hazardous household items during play. Keep them in a safe place and out of reach from children in the house. Try and instil the habit to call parents (amongst the siblings) immediately, in case its used.
  • Do not light gas stoves even on a low flame when they are not in use. Similarly, do not leave oven and microwave remain lighted after use. Switch off the electricity connection as soon as soon as the cooking stops.
  • In case incense sticks, candles and other fragrant producing items to be lit off when going off to sleep or for that matter before leaving the house.
  • Electrical Appliances such as Music Systems, TVs, AC etc to be switched off when going off to sleep. Also keep a vigil eye on loose and frayed cords or plugs as these may create spark which can cause fire.
  • Don't let children use kitchen appliances by themselves instead supervise any art or science projects that involve the use of home devices.
  • Never run wires under rugs or carpets.
  • Keep newspapers, magazines, and fabrics from curtains, clothes, or bedding away from space heaters, radiators, and fireplaces.
  • Installing smoke alarms within the house, this will help in an early identification of the fire at the house.

Teaching Fire Safety to Children

You could teach your child about how to react in the case of fire. This could be simply done with a small drill involving all the members in the house. These drills can be done twice in a year to ensure that children remain aware of it at all times and can make use of the below fire safety tips at the onset of fire.

  • Create a home fire escape plan and share the same with easy tips around directions to go to in case of fire, with Children. Get a stopwatch and record time how fast your family can escape. The Children will love it.
  • Tell your children to do not panic and remain attentive during fire to be act according to the situation.
  • In case the house is installed with a fire-extinguisher, make sure that your children know how to use it. A demo with the fire drill can help them cope up real-life situations.
  • In case of a short circuit fire teach your children to switch off the main supply and not use water instead use fire-extinguisher or sand.
  • During smoke teach your children to cover their mouth and nose with a moist towel. This will help them keep out dangerous fumes while evacuating the home.
  • It is always advisable to crawl under the smoke to safety. Staying low to the ground helps as smoke has the tendency to rise up.
  • In case your house is in a multi-storied building your Children should know to always avoid elevators during a fire
  • Stop, Drop, and Roll to extinguish flames if an article of clothing catches on fire


Hope with these handy tips you can prepare your child to tackle any adverse situation of fire and remain safe indoors. Happy Parenting.

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| Aug 21, 2020 Safety tips for parents that we should make our children learn. Found it worth sharing with everyone who have kids. Please watch till the end and share with everyone who have child.

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