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How to handle Mood Swings in Children.

3 to 7 years

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How to handle Mood Swings in Children

Mood swings in children is a big worry for parents because more often than not the parents do not understand the reasons so as to why may a child have a mood swing. Mood swing is a common occurrence and can even be noticed in a toddler. The factors are the same as seen in a grown-up child, only that they become more complex and need to be better handled by the parents.

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| Jul 18, 2013

I agree with her too... tht we shud give child proper diet containing... protien, calcium, Iron. Shud give fruits, pulses, chapati, rice, 2 glasses of milk this is minimum. If possible give child nuts too... it helps to build strong body n increase immunity too. I hv seen many cases where child gets irritated or keep on crying entire day n mothers gone crazy as nt knowing the reason... It happens in anemic children as well... child feel tried all the time... feel sleepy n irritated.. Growing chldren needs good amt of Calcium, protein n Iron.

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| Nov 22, 2012

So true that staying hungry for long can induce irritability in lil ones, and they wont even know why they are upset.. great insights, thanks!

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priya vyas

| Nov 05, 2012

My daughter is eight years old and she gets irritated nowadays very often, she is also obese. I hve started with proper foods n nutrition and with some physical activities like cycling and dance. Something more i can do to keep her busy n healthy please suggest

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| Oct 29, 2012

I totally agree with the many valid points covered by you. But however an interesting article at Humpty Bumpty Kids enlightened me on how the environment at home can make a difference in the moods, behaviour and attitude of a child.

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Neetu Ralhan

| Oct 26, 2012

Great thoughts there. Many parents are not aware that lack of proper nutrition could be causing mood swings and irritability in children, in fact deficiency of certain minerals such as magnesium, sodium and phosphorus may lead to fatigue, restlessness and irritability. Interestingly, most of these factors apply to adults as well, what with the hormonal changes and all, and mums n dads can take a cue, because kids often tend to bear the brunt of parents' moods :)

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