Indian Army Day - Facts Your Child Should Know About Army

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Indian Army Day Facts Your Child Should Know About Army
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Fifty Years since independence and the Indian Army has been at the forefront, as the guarantor of the nation’s freedom against external aggression. These army-men in uniform demand nothing from the nation but faces all kinds of troubles and deal with harassing situation while defending our borders. Somewhere it is a hostile enemy and somewhere it is the torturous weather, which challenges the survival every single day.

It is the love and dedications towards their call of duty that these guardians of ours, fight at the forefront. Now all that we can do as a nation and as its responsible citizens is to give them full support and understand the ethos of services. This gives them strength greater than any weapon to carry on in all circumstances.

Your Child Should Know These Facts Behind Indian Army

This Indian Army Day, while we salute all the soldiers and officers guarding our precious borders, let’s learn about some quick and interesting facts about the Indian Army – the world’s 2nd largest military force.

President-The Supreme Commander

The Indian Army is the largest component of the Indian Armed Forces. The President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces and the commander is General Bipin Rawat, Chief of Army Staff. The Army is organized into various combat arms like the Infantry, Armoured & Artillery, Engineers, Signal, Service, and Aviation along with other combat support arms. All these above arms have their own functional roles during war-time as wel asl peace settlements. However, the basic function of all is to maintain the national security and integrity of our nation from internal threats and external aggression.

The Origin And Little Bit Of History

The Indian Army has its origination from the East India Company during the British Raj. It eventually becamea national army after independence. Celebrated on 15th January, Army Day is an annual event which takes place in the national capital, New Delhi and other headquarters and marks the transformation of Indian Army from the aegis of British Raj into a self reliant Army. The reigns of the armed forces were legally handed over to the Indian Army. The then General, Field Marshal Kondandera M. Cariappa took over as the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army from General Sir Francis Butcher, the last British Commander-in-Chief of India on 15th January, 1949. Hence, this day came to be known as the Indian Army Day.

How Is Army Day Celebrated?

It is a day to commemorate the self-sacrifice of our courageous and valiant soldiers whose motto in life is “Service before Self”. This day is celebrated in the form of parades and military shows wherein the army personnel display various drills and activities. It takes place at Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate and other Army offices and headquarters.

The 71th Indian Army Day Celebrations

India will be celebrating its 70th Army Day this 15 January 2018. We, as a nation, should always remember the hardships faced by our soldiers to keep their country and its citizens safe. We salute our forces and wish them a very Happy Army Day!

Jai Hind!

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| Jan 15, 2018

As a relative of an Indian Army Officer, I salute the Indian Army today for their commendable services before self.

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| Jan 16, 2018

The hardships faced by our soldiers to keep their country and its citizens safe are commendable.. I salute our forces. efforts should made by the Government to protect their families while they safeguard our borders. Happy Army Day! !!

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| Jan 15, 2019

Salute indian army

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| Feb 10, 2019

As I am from a defence background, so I understand it's value in our and in our kids life. Good article

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