Indoor air - a hidden danger in children's bedroom

Dr Surbhi Saini

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Updated on Nov 16, 2019

Indoor air a hidden danger in childrens bedroom

As parents, we always want the best for our child. Being a parent, one’s basic instinct is to protect one’s child from diseases or harm. We always want to give them healthy food, safe surroundings, and an uncompromised quality of life. But, the only factor that is the most challenging these days is that we are not being able to provide healthy breathing environment for our little ones.

We can give them clean water, hygienic food and shelter; but what about the most basic necessity of life – clean breathing air?

As a doctor, I have witnessed that many people solely rely on their body’s immune system and often take their health for granted, especially in the early years of life. Now, it is a proven fact, if you do not take care at an early stage, it directly impacts the well-being of health in later stages of life. That’s why it is so important to give proper care to a growing child because this will determine the child’s health when h/she grows up.

Speaking of one of the most burning issues in today’s time, air pollution is one of the major causes that influence health of a child in India. See, the tricky thing about air pollution is that, so many elements that are harmful to our bodies are undetectable to the nose. The harmful elements like toxins, carcinogens and organic pollutants are mixed in the air around us, and guess what – these are not just present in outdoor air but are very much present in the indoor air too (yes, even in the air in our bedrooms). These harmful elements can cause breathing problems, trigger allergies, bronchitis, skin problems, sore throat, wheezing, asthma attacks, redness in eyes and many other developmental issues in children. That’s why today air purifiers have become such a rising boon; especially for children’s bedrooms.

Let us see how various other environmental pollutants can cause an immediate effect on your child (or in the upcoming years):


•    The cause of hay fever is pollen particles in spring that can lead to irritation in eyes, skin and may lead to developing allergies and even asthma attack in susceptible individuals and children alike.

•    Mould spores thrive in damp and humid conditions like the bathroom. Inhaling them can lead to serious lung infections and breathing difficulties.

•    Dust mites live in your home trapped in carpets, sofa covers, mattresses and unused products. They’ve been significantly proven to cause skin allergies.

•    Passive cigarette smoke inhalation has been significantly proven to cause lung cancer

in non-smokers and serious respiratory diseases in children. So, if there is a smoker in your family, there is definitely stale cigarette smoke lingering in the house.

•    Household surfaces contain many bacteria that can be transferred only by touch.

Toddlers walking around or crawling are most susceptible to them.

•    Airborne  flu  virus  particles  move  from  person  to  person  through  sneezing  and coughing.

•    Heavy cooking smell or medicinal odours can as well be uncomfortable to babies and people with already prevailing respiratory issues.

•    Pet dander can also trigger allergies and breathing issues in babies.


Clean air is not only important but essential to all of us. However, some of you might now be thinking that clean air is a myth these days. However, if not entirely but an air purifier can really make a difference. Air purifiers are appliances that aid in removing pollutants from the air. They have filters, which clean the air circulating around, by removing dust, pollen, pet dander and smoke up to 99 percent.


Take small steps now to ensure your child has better health in future.


Disclaimer: An initiative by Honeywell to help you breathe pure air and take care of your family. Please check the website for more details. Opinions expressed above are independent opinions of the writer.

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| Dec 19, 2017

thank you very much for your precious advise

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| Dec 01, 2017

Well during the initial years of childhood when the respiratory system of the child is still developing I think its a good choice.

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| Dec 01, 2017

Thankyou for sharing this Doctor...

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| Dec 01, 2017

Air purifiers seems to be an integral part of the new age electronics ecosystem for homes!

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| Dec 01, 2017

Thanks doctor for such an informative piece.

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| Nov 30, 2017

yes I completely agree ,air purifiers are a must keeping in mind increasing level of pollution day by day.. it's not only disturbing but leaves us with a grim picture of the environment that we would be leaving for our future generations. investment in an air purifier has become the need of the hour.

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| Nov 30, 2017

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