Pregnancy Nausea Relief Home Remedies, Eating Habits to Deal

Cheena M Gujral

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Pregnancy Nausea Relief Home Remedies Eating Habits to Deal
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Pregnancy is a joyful time for expecting mothers, but comes with its own unique set of challenges– one of the most common things is nausea or morning sickness. However, all you expecting mommies out there need not worry anymore. Nausea and vomiting are the most typical, yet the most unpleasant symptoms associated with pregnancy. The reasons are numerous, and luckily so are the remedies! So here our Proparent blogger Cheena Gujral shares some simple tried-tested natural pick-me-ups to help all you expecting mothers settle those stomach woes. She says these helped me during my pregnancy, and I hope they help you too!

Natural Ghar Ke Nuskhe to Help Ease Nausea During Pregnancy

Here he shares her tried-tested natural home remedies for nausea and vomiting related to pregnancy. Follow these simple tips...

Ginger -

Ginger is one of the best natural remedies which helps settle your stomach and relieve nausea. Sucking on a piece of ginger can counter morning sickness, or you could even just sniff it for relief. Adding ginger to a cup of tea or lemon juice can do wonders. Dried ginger candies can also be consumed if those suit you. [Explore Ginger benefits in pregnancy ]

Mint or Tulsi – 

Both these have been proven to calm nausea symptoms. Peppermint candies low-sugar mint sweets may aid in soothing nausea as well. A cool glass of lemonade with mint makes one feel refreshed during the day. Try boiling a few mint or tulsi leaves and drink the tea made from them for instant relief. The leaves can also be chewed whole if you like the taste. [Explore Tulsi Uses & Benefits]

Curry leaves –

A drink that blends 2-3 spoons of curry leaf (Kari Patta) juice and lemon juice calms the discomfort caused by nausea.

Sour Foods –

Sour citrus fruits like oranges help in reducing nausea. They are also rich in vitamin C! Lemon juice is a taste enhancer and mixing it with amla ras or honey, adds to the beneficial effects. Flavored candies, Kala-khatta, and dried amla are reasonably good substitutes too. For some would-be mums, sniffing scratched lemon (nimbu) is a delight. My south Indian cousin advised me about using “burnt lemon” Naardgaya” in discomfort. Tamarind (imli) can also be a taste booster in some cases.

Vitamin B6 –

Also known as pyridoxine, this can help stop nausea and vomiting. Vitamin B6 can be supplemented naturally by consuming foods like colocasia(arbi), bananas, avocado, walnuts, chickpeas, and kidney beans.

Cloves -

Soak 3-4 cloves in water for approximately 30minutes, strain and drink this at the onset of nausea for instant relief. Sucking on fried cloves can be another way that helps.

Bael Fruit /Wood Apple -

This fruit has immense health benefits. You can have the pulp of raw bael with sugar or add a few spoons of bael juice in cooked rice. It is a medicinal boon for morning sickness.

Proteins & Carbohydrates –

A diet rich in proteins and carbohydrates is advisable. Having smoothies; milkshakes with sandwiches or maybe eggs (only if you feel like it!) relieves nausea. Apples, nuts, pistachios and other dry fruits are a rich source to keep your energy levels up.

Ice Cubes -

Sucking on a piece of ice is one of the most interesting ideas I picked up from a friend!

Meditation & Exercise Advice -

Gentle exercise, trained prenatal yoga, and meditation are suggested to help calm your nerves and prevent nausea.

Healthy Eating Habits to Deal Nausea

Your diet and eating habits do contribute a great deal towards increased nausea. Here are a few tips to introduce healthy eating habits -

  • Consume small portions of food frequently, avoiding three large, heavy meals.
  • Don't eat too fast and chew your food slowly.
  • Try to eat food that is at room temperature or cold for better results.
  • Staying hydrated with juices and water is important.
  • If suffering from night sickness, go easy on your snacking.
  • Try healthy snacks like cheese and crackers, milk rusk, fiber biscuits, nuts. Keep them at your bedside always!
  • Whether you crave for rasgulla or salty pickles, remember the nausea is not going to stay forever. So deal with it patiently and sensibly. Always check for any allergy-causing foods and consult your doctor before adopting any suggested remedies.


Did you find Cheena’s home remedies and tips to ease nausea during pregnancy useful? How did/do you relieve your pregnancy-related nausea symptoms? Do leave your comments…. We love hearing from you! Happy pregnancy mommies!


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| Jul 28, 2017

Through my whole pregnancy I had home made aawala candies and it was really very effecting and healthy . It relieved me from morning sickness. Blog is really interesting, thanks.

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| Jul 28, 2017

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. good day

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| Dec 04, 2018

my wife in pregency she have high sugar, can take green tea at morning

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