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It is the general habit of parents to be protective about their child and this habit kicks in even before you have conceived. Yes, just with a thought of getting pregnant is enough to start thinking about your baby to be fit and healthy. But what you tend to forget is that to give birth to a healthy child, parents, in fact, especially mothers, need to be healthy.

Pre-conception counseling is counseling where your lifestyle history (smoking, alcohol, etc.) and also medical history (any genetic or hereditary problem) will be checked.  the couple who are planning a baby should take precautions as per their doctor’s guidelines.

As for why you need pre-conception counseling before planning a pregnancy either for the first time or after a miscarriage or abortion, here’s the answer. The pre-conception counseling will keep you and your foetus healthy in present and in future also. In addition, if there is any health problem either with wife or husband, it can be detected and treated before the pregnancy is planned. The counseling will also come handy in planning a pregnancy after an abortion or a miscarriage.

 "The counseling is basically to assess any potential risk before planning a pregnancy. The risk assessment includes a series of test and queries, which assesses the prospective mommy for any complication that may arise during your pregnancy, in addition to advising the prospective mommy the counseling also focuses on modifying the risk factors, such as increasing the folic acid intake to reduce the risk of neural tube defects and counseling on smoking cessation, alcohol reduction, and medications that may compromise foetal development."

Watch the video as our seniour Gynaecologist Dr Pooja Mittal share tips to plan pregnancy.

Watch the entire video on  Women's Health & Complications During Pregnancy.

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