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Weekend activities for Children -- 9, 10 April

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Updated on Apr 06, 2016

Weekend activities for Children 9 10 April
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Though it is just Wednesday today, the weekend has already started ringing its bells loud to let everyone know that it is round the corner. So all you mommies and daddies get ready for another fun-filled, and memorable weekend, as Parentune brings you its list of weekend activities that will leave you yearning for more. So what are you waiting for, just pick the activity you would like your child to be a part of and gear up for another fabulously rocking weekend!


1. Professional Eggless Baking & Icing Class

Is your child interested in baking? If yes, is he or she interested in learning various other techniques like how to decorate the cake for various occasions? If the answer is yes, then this weekend class is for your child. The two-day course will teach your child all about professional eggless baking and icing.

Date: 9, 10 April

Venue: Kamber Street, R.R. Colony, Chennai

Details:  09884771775; aranchve@gmail.com

2. Kids Cooking Camp

Let your child enjoy cooking some Mexican and Pan Asian dishes at the camp being organised by Chef Bee at her Foodology studio. This 2-day cooking camp will learn the art of cooking by one of the popular chefs Chef Bee who will teach children to make nachos, quesadillas, noodles, and salad. Children will also learn to cook wonton – a small round dumpling filled with a savoury filling.

Date: 9, 10 April

Venue: Foodology, Kasturibai Nagar, Chennai

Details: 04424454885, 09003054885, 09840057983, www.foodology.in

3. Wheel Pottery Workshop by Studio 41

Do you think that your child has a creative mind? Does he or she love to create interesting things? Last but not the least do you think your child will enjoy giving shapes to wet clay? If answer to all these questions is yes, then you must get your child enrolled into this workshop by Studio 41. The one-day workshop is being conducted by Ms Kamla Ravikumar – a professional artist and Interior designer. The workshop will be for 2 hours for a group of 3-5 children.

Date: 9 April

Venue: Studio 41, Beach road, Chennai

Details: 09381094646, kayarkay@gmail.com, www.studio41art.com


1. Story time Yoga for Kids

Combine yoga with story time and what you get is holistic fun learning at its best. So what are you waiting for – get your child enrolled into this class for a fun session of original stories using creative yoga, sounds and props. In association with Dr Deepshikha Goel, Trip to Tales offers fun-filled story time yoga for children.

Date: 9 April                             

Venue: Trip to Tales, Sector 26, Noida

Details: 09718065414, triptotales@gmail.com

2. Open Your Throat Chakra at Zorba the Buddha

If you are parent to a teen then this could be for both of you. Throat chakra is apparently the voice of the body and it is through this chakra that the energy of other chakras can be expressed or are expressed. The workshop will teach your teen to activate his or her throat chakra thus enabling them to experience their voice as an instrument of self-expression.

Date: 9 April

Venue: Zorba The Buddha, MG Road, Gurgaon

Details: 07827706109, seek@zorbathebuddha.org

3. Space explorers

If your child is fascinated with space and science then it is time that you enrolled him to a Space explorer’s workshop. This two-day workshop is aimed to make our future generation understand the basic hows, whats and whys of Astronauts’ lives in space.

Date: 9, 10 April

Venue: Nirvana Patio Club, South City 2, Gurgaon

Details: 09810703890, bhavna@handsonlearning.in


1. K Circle Quiz at Lamakaan

Hyderabad’s oldest quiz club brings to its children a quiz that is open to all. That’s not all! The quiz is a ‘Bring Your Own Team,’ which means that you can form your team and take part in the quiz.

Date: 9 April

Venue: Lamakaan, GVK Mall Hyderabad

Details: 09642731329

2. Decoupage Workshop at our Sacred Space

If you think your child has a creative edge to him and he or she loves art, then you must get your child enrolled for this workshop. Apparently decoupage is an ancient decorative art form that has its origin in East Siberia. The art form that originated in 12th century and since then has travelled world over, is still widely popular.

Date: 9, 10 April

Venue: Our Sacred Space, Secunderabad

Details: 09030013344

3. Father, Son and Holy Ghost - A Play by Octopus

In the name of the Father, the son and the Holy Spirit say ‘Amen’, to the play by Octopus studios. The play titled ‘Father, Son and Holy Ghost,’ deals with numerous things that a human being gets caught up with and which eventually become his collective life. A story about family and its struggles in life forms the background of the play. An interesting way to spend your Saturday with your family!

Date: 9 April

Venue: Lamakaan, GVK Mall Hyderabad

Details: 09885333273, lamakaan@gmail.com


1. Basic Fondant Workshop by Quarter Plate

Does your child have penchant for baking? Does he or she gets enchanted by the figurines he or she sees on the professionally baked cakes? If the answer to all the questions is yes, then it is time you enrolled them to this workshop by Quarter Plate. The workshop will help them enhance their baking skills.

Date: 9, 10 April

Venue: Quarter Plate, Sunny Park Kolkata

Details: 09830822922, divyasaraf.81@gmail.com

2. Magic Land Revisited By Papercup

Let your child unleash their creative streak with the workshop by Papercup. The workshop aims at imparting knowledge on art & craft along with life skills. The children will be taught numerous things that they can take back home post this workshop.

Date: 9 April

Venue: Booktique, Southern Avenue, Kolkata

Details: 09874829490, 09007221159

3. Illustrating Stories & Creating Storyboards

Hey parents do you think your child have a good drawing and visualisation power? If yes, then this workshop is for him or her. The workshop aims to focus on improving self-expression skills through drawing and visualisation power to create a new world within the story. The workshop will also teach about colour coordination and developing a meaningful colour scheme required to express the scenes in the story.

Date: 9 April

Venue: The British Council, Kolkata

Details: megha.roy@britishcouncil.org, www.britishcouncil.in


1. The Juniors Club Petting Zoo

Love animals? Then visit the Juniors Club Petting Zoo with your children for a fun-filled day with rabbits, puppies, a kitten or two, chicks, hamsters, guinea pigs and some turtles. So what are you waiting for hurry as there are limited seats.

Date: 9 April

Venue: Allrounder Activity Centre, Mumbai

Details: 09820689638, 09820004198, urviparekh@hotmail.com

2. Workshop on Personality Development by DYP

Get your child enrolled into this one-day workshop on personality development by DYP. The workshop will not only help them unleash their creativity but will also help them discover the roadblocks hindering their growth.

Date: 9 April

Venue: B 75, Kataria Colony, Mahim, Mumbai.

Details: 09833118990, 09820286873, sbajaj1979@gmail.com, www.developyourpersonality.in

3. Yoga for Kids

We all are aware of the benefits of yoga. We also know that it is beneficial for our children as well. Keeping that in mind this weekend get your child enrolled into two-day yoga for kids classes where your child will not just learn about asanas but will also learn how to maintain mind, body and soul.

Date: 9, 10 April

Venue: Balaram street, Mumbai

Details: 09768385000, destiny.sakshi@gmail.com


1. Camping At Kashid Beach

It is summer time and your child loves camping. So let them combine these two things and let them register for camping at Kashid Beach. So let your child have an adventurous two-day beach camping weekend.

Date: 9, 10 April

Venue: Kashid Beach, Pune

Details: 09819813493, www.letscampout.com

2. Musical Lake Side Camping At Bhandardara

If your child is 9+ and enjoys camping and trekking then maybe you should let him or her enrolled at Musical Lake Side Camping at Bhandardara. Bhandardara with its natural beauty and untouched ambience offers a campsite where your child can explore and indulge in some fun-filled activities including guitar jamming session among others.

Date: 9, 10 April

Venue: Arthur Lake, Pune

Details: 09699475423, OwlAdventures.in@gmail.com

3. Kid's Baking Workshop

If your child is interested in baking, is creative enough to roll out different shapes then let him or her put their aprons on, chef’s hat and start baking. A six-hour workshop will teach your child how to bake animal breads, mini pizzas in different shapes and some carrot muffins.

 Date: 9 April

Venue: Baner, Pune

Details: 09011791905

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| Mar 25, 2017

why don't u arrange any prg for mom?

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| Mar 25, 2017

why don't u arrange any prg for mom?

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| Apr 11, 2016

When it will be in Baroda ??

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| Apr 11, 2016


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| Apr 11, 2016

Thank you all for your feedback on the blog. Currently we have the metros on our list. In case you wish to see your city's weekend activities list please do drop in a mail. Thanks, keep visiting and keep reading.

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| Apr 10, 2016

Anything in ahmedabad?

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| Apr 09, 2016

Oh plzz tell us something in lucknow

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| Apr 08, 2016

Won't u hv a center in trichy

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| Apr 07, 2016

Nothing in Bangalore :(

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| Apr 07, 2016

Thanks Parentune! This weekend activities is a much awaited handy guide for a well-planned weekend.

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| Apr 06, 2016

Oh wow! Parentune is back with their list of weekend activities.

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