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International Mango Festival 2018

Urvashi Shah
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International Mango Festival 2018
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The one thing we hate about summers is the scorching heat but the one thing we love about this season is the arrival of the king of fruits. Yes, I am talking about mangoes, which despite being an overrated fruit, seeks much love from us. Mangoes are synonymous with the summer season as they are exclusively available during this period. Talking about mangoes, remember how we all enjoyed this tasty delight throughout a span of 3 to 4 months? The thought of slurping the yummy juice directly out of the fruit is still overwhelming. But alas! the summer is gone and so is the season of mangoes. With monsoon shower already hovering above us, you must think that we can only dream about the tasty delights mangoes bring to us. But you are wrong. To your surprise, the International Mango Festival is making a comeback this year. If you are a true blue mango lover, you must already be spreading this news like a wild fire. Get your friends, family and children geared up to gorge on delicious mango delights at the International Mango Festival in Delhi, which will amaze you with over 500 varieties of mangoes on display. Bewildered already? Well, wait until you see your mango dream come true in real by being a part of this marvellous festival.

International Mango Festival 2018

For all the mango lovers, the International Mango Festival 2018 brings more than 500 varieties of mangoes that one can taste. This idea first initiated in the year 1988 and this year will be held on 9th and 10th of July 2018 at Delhi Haat in Janakpuri. Apart from tasting the different varieties, you can also buy mangoes as per your liking. Displaying talents of various locals, there will also be products made out of mango or its saplings that you can purchase. But the fun doesn’t end here, there will also be mango eating competition along with other fun activities such as quizzes, magic shows and cultural performances.

Uttar Pradesh Mango Festival

Apart from Delhi, similar kind of mango festivals will also be held at Uttar Pradesh and Goa. Along with trying and buying different mango varieties, one can also get the chance to taste mango watering delicacies prepared by the locals.

Goa Mango Festival

The Goa Mango Festival will be hosted by the state’s agriculture directorate. There will be a display of many varieties of this fruit, which are mostly grown locally. Alongside, there will be Konkan Fruit Festival, which will also observe many mango related competitions that you can be a part of. You will also be a witness to the best mango variant and get to see the latest farming related technologies.

Mango being the most loved fruit in our country, do not miss out on your chance to explore this wonderful festival, which is also one of its kind. From friends to family to children, age is no bar to enter this festival. So if you are keen on visiting this festival, keep a little space in your tummy to try your hands on delicious mango delicacies.

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