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Cow Milk v/s formula feed

Sushmita Nair

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Dec 29, 2015

Hi my baby is 3months old. I want to know which is better to feed cow milk diluted with water (70:30 ratio) or formula feed? I am not able to generate much of breast milk and want to feed him top feed to quench my baby hunger. Pls advice

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swati sachan

| Jan 05, 2016

To increase breastmilk drink shatavari kalp wid milk.. n eat roasted jeera powder 1 spoon daily

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Haritima Pandey

| Dec 30, 2015

Plz first consult to pediatrician regarding feeding ur baby... my doc told me nt to gv cow's milk. Formula milk is good for babies like Nestlé nan pro 1(upto 6 mnths) or ur doc ll suggest sm other brands. BT don't do anything without asking to pediatrician doctor

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Suresh Reddy

| Dec 29, 2015

Hi Susmitha, please continue with Formula milk. Cow milk is not good for babies digestive system. Alternatives were much less 3 decade's earlier. Now we got all the resources and information ready n tailor made to our problems. Also suggest you to seek pedia advise. Cheers..

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| Dec 29, 2015

Hi Sushmita.. I agree! Cow's milk even though diluted is difficult for the baby to digest esp. a young baby as yours. My daughter is 9 months old nw and still our paed hs adv not to start cow's milk and to continue formula till one year.

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Zanzanil Patel

| Dec 29, 2015

Hi sumitha, Check this out. https://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/baby/feeding-nutrition/Pages/Why-Formula-Instead-of-Cows-Milk.aspx It basically says that cow milk is too difficult for infants to digest so formula milk is best up until 1yrs.

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