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23 weeks and 3 days pregnant

23 weeks and 3 days pregnant
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Ultrasound uses sound waves of a very high frequency, well beyond the audible range of the human ear, so your baby’s hearing will be completely unaffected by the sound waves transmitted during these scans that check her growth and development.

Are you feeling hot? Being pregnant can sometimes feel as though you have your own personal radiator strapped to you.

You may find that you’re much hotter and sweating more than normal during pregnancy. This is because you’re carrying more weight than usual and you have more blood pumping around your body.

If you’re pregnant during the summer, this can be difficult to bear, so find ways to stay cool. If you’re pregnant in the winter, you may find yourself walking down the street in a light jumper while other people are all bundled up in coats and scarves. You might get into debates with your partner if he wants the heating on and you want the windows open!

Make sure you drink enough fluid throughout the day. You might find that the increased sweat causes a rash in the creases under your breasts or in your groin, so wash frequently and make sure that you dry these areas well.

Hot flushes can be worse at night, so pack away your pyjamas for a few months and get naked.

It’s common to dream that you give birth to an older baby, who is born walking and talking!

This is thought to reflect a mother-to-be’s insecurities about caring for a tiny, helpless baby. The older the baby, the more self-sufficient she appears.

I keep having really strange and vivid dreams. Is this normal in pregnancy?

Yes, when you’re pregnant, it’s common to dream more and to remember your dreams. Experts attribute the vividness of these dreams to all the emotional and physical changes a pregnant woman is going through.

The vivid dreams may be a way for your unconscious to deal with all the hopes and fears you may have about your unborn baby and impending motherhood.

The increase is also believed to be due to hormonal changes: increased levels of oestrogen are thought to cause longer periods of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep – the phase of sleep in which we are most likely to dream.

If your dreams are disturbing, try writing them down to get them off your mind.

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