4 Ways to make your Parenting Count

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Updated on May 06, 2015

4 Ways to make your Parenting Count
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While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about- Angela Schwindt

As parents a lot of us believe that as we are, so too are our children and from the point of conception we continually think of imparting beliefs, values and desirable behaviors in our off springs. But in all this, do we stop to think of what our children can teach us? I believe, that this is what Progressive Parenting is all about-- being awake enough to learn from your children

Conscious parenting today is not just about knowing yourself, but knowing the individual you are raising. Ever stopped to think how many questions children ask? Maybe turn the table and ask some of your own and better yet, ask your children. Unlike adults, children actually find it much harder to lie. It is usually a behavior they learn from their parents in any case. Through their answers what you can learn will astonish you and it is the best way to get inside those minds.

The utmost need is to support our children and nurture their innate. You may have missed your chance of being the world’s best lawyer, but what if all your child wants to do is play football? So how do we do the right things to support our children and help them bloom and be who they really are?

Here are some of the most effective things we can do in today’s times to nurture our young souls:

- Talk to them, not down to them: One of the best things I ever learnt when working with a child was that when we were having a conversation, to kneel or bend down so we were at a similar height. This automatically puts a child at ease and a place of comfort
- Listen: Listen to what they say and even if you don’t agree, don’t disregard it.
- Give them outdoor time: Encourage them to spend time in nature and do some outdoor activities – make it fun and enticing and perhaps something you can even do together.
- Keep gadgets out: Try and have some technology free time where there are no i-pads, play stations or smart phones. This will substantially help to improve concentration as in the world of instant gratification, it is valuable to cultivate patience and have moments where our brain is not constantly bombarded with information.

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| May 10, 2015

I generally see that although families are stepping outdoors and trying to spend time together but they still can't keep gadgets out. This beats the entire purpose of togetherness.

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| May 12, 2015

Ishta Thats true. Gadgets have hijacked the small moments of life . We go for morning walks on weekends and leave our phones at home.

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| Jul 16, 2015

During our tym v enjoyed mre outdoor activities but nw kids r so busy wth school n other activities. timings hve increased... so aftr cmng hme... dey hve reason to b wth gadgets after a hectic day... y life is nt pssbl wthut all dese things...

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