Antibiotic Prescriptions For Children - Myths Busted

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Updated on Oct 22, 2018

Antibiotic Prescriptions For Children Myths Busted

When it comes that a child is sick, it turns out to be a really worrisome situation for parents. Not only because of the discomfort of the child, but also due to confusion in deciding what to opt as a treatment. Amidst so many myths, facts, and especially FEAR of safety for your child, it’s important to keep some very basic points in mind.

Home Remedies

We live in a society which has a rich history and medicinal knowledge. Our ancestors relied primarily on home remedies when the healthcare wasn’t much developed.

Even in today’s era, people still rely on home remedies as their first step in treatment for their children for the majority of things to a point they can, but is it all?

If you ask my opinion- NO!

Home remedies are well suited for the initial line of treatment which lasts from 24-36 hours, until you get access to a doctor for examination.


You can definitely continue with home remedies, but after getting it approved from the consulting doctor.

However, if a child shows signs like inability to breathe, continuous crying, refusing feed/food, pain, bluish discolorations, seizures, high-grade fever, rashes, excessive sleeping, it’s advised to skip the home remedy and take your child to the nearest hospital.

Is Antibiotic Medication Harmful For My Child?

The most common anxiety of mothers is “my child gets sick very often and if we take him to doctor they prescribe medicine, which is not safe for children”

Well, dear mothers, your concern is not essentially wrong, injudicious use of medicine is definitely not advisable. But as my experience says, most patients visit doctors when the ailment is in acute phase, having tried everything they could at their end be it some home remedy or sometimes even self-medication (repeating the same medicine which was prescribed to the child earlier for a similar looking bout of symptoms).

Now the point to understand here is - many diseases can have exactly the same symptoms like fever, cold and cough, which are also the starting points for a majority of diseases which are results of some underlying cause and not being a disease in themselves. They are just symptoms.

Treating symptoms doesn’t account for treating the cause. By an examination, a doctor evaluates those similar looking symptoms on a spectrum of diseases and then decides the course of treatment.

And if you find your child falling ill very frequently, most of the times it’s due to weak immunity, nutritional deficiency, hygiene and not correcting the environmental cause or some specifics in a few cases like - products, clothes, temperature, mud, and dust.

Since medicine as a field has advanced in leaps and bounds, we have doctors of all specialties and super specialties.

Always remember - if your child has repeated episodes of similar symptoms like a cold cough, runny nose, urine infections, and diabetes, you should seek an opinion of a specialist doctor of a particular field, for instance:

  • Urologist - for urinary tract issues
  • Gastroenterologist - for digestive tract issues
  • Dermatologist - for skin issues
  • Ent- for ear, nose, throat issues
  • Endocrinologist - for hormone-related complaints
  • Dentist - for all dental issues
  • Surgeon - for treatment of burns, cuts and wound dressings

Do antibiotics cause adverse effects? No, until they are advised by your well-reputed pediatrician post a proper examination for the current episode of illness. A well-experienced and skilled doctor herself wouldn’t prescribe unnecessary medications. If you are still in doubt, you may take a second opinion from another doctor of the same specialization.

So, firstly take a prompt action for visiting a pediatrician or a specialist soon to avoid development of a full-fledged episode of sickness. Secondly, avoid giving medicines on your own. Also, stopping the medicines in between of prescribed days of treatment causes the development of antibiotic resistance both in adults and children, so please do not practice that too.

Still have doubts about antibiotic medication for your child. Do drop your comment/question for me in the comment section below. I would be glad to join in the conversation and further discuss the topic with you. 


Wishing your child a very healthy future!

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| Aug 22, 2019

hello mam meribbaby 12month ki h uska weight 8kg plz suggest me weight gain in my baby

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| May 03, 2019

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| Apr 30, 2019

Hello.. my daughter is 6yrs n 7mnth old.. she suffers frm cold ,cough n thn conjetion in her chest with high fever n vomiting very oftenly frm whn she started pre school.. In the earlier age we didn't get any reason for her suddenly sickness.. But now frm sm yrs she has breathing problem with this.. Whn she eats sm chips n chocolates she suffers cough n conjetion.. Whn she wakes up in the morning she always start lots of sneezing n running nose.. She suffered many times in last winters too.. Her pediatrician says she is allergetic n she has child asthma.. they prescribed her antiboitics nd other cough medicines nd nebolizer with medicines.. i m very worried about her health.. She does eat any vegetables she only eats plain prantha, boiled dal n sm fruits only.. Even she has low growth too.. What should i do? Is too much medicines good for her or not? It (child asthma) will be finished in 7 or 8 yrs or not (Her Dr. said this).. Whats the instruction we should follow for her.. pls pls suggest any gud medicine or tips.. Thanks..

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| Apr 27, 2019

I knew that end baby has fallen into sickness than fm baby. But my son has fallen into sickness 2times within 7m. Hi is premature baby but by the grace of almighty no major prob and weighs accurate till now. After his nicu experience. I have to give him anti biotic twice. Is there any possibility not to work antibiotic for him in future?Or immunity power decrease?😢

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| Feb 22, 2019

my son is 1 year 1 month he gets the cold and cough very often it catches him for every month dr says he has low immunity. i am using a formula milk lactogen. i am very much varied

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| Jan 21, 2019

thanks mam for this information.

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| Jan 21, 2019

thanks mam for this information.

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| Oct 30, 2018

thank you ma'am for this information

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| Oct 25, 2018


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| Oct 23, 2018

@Hathim.. your son is having fever, when the infection due to cough and cold has increased. And as mentioned above, acute episodes demand antibiotics. Your kid most probably either has allergy or low immunity. When I say allergy not necessarily nasal allergy, sometimes some very common food items don't suit some people like oil type-peanut, sunflower or type of ghee-vanaspati, or citric acid. You need to find out that and avoid using. And yes, excess usage should be avoided, but with, control of the cause.

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| Oct 23, 2018

Hi My son is catching cold or cough and suffers in fever for every month. my Doc suggest me to give Antibiotics like Mix cV only in need but I felt that intake of too much antibiotics suppress the immune system of one's own body so immunity development for particular antigen is getting reduced. is it true?

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