Causes Of Gestational Diabetes In Pregnancy

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What is Gestational Diabetes?

When diabetes is detected for the first time during pregnancy or there is a history of diabetes during previous pregnancies, it is generally referred to as gestational diabetes. If you are having symptoms like excessive urination especially at night, excessive thirst, increased appetite or a tingling sensation in hands and feet, it is recommended you visit your doctor for a checkup for GDM.

How to Diagnose? 

the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test can confirm whether you have developed diabetes or not. Similarly, HbA1C-Glycosylated Haemoglobin test reflects how well you have managed your sugar levels in the past 3 months.

What to Do in Gestational Diabetes? 

You need to be under medical and dietary supervision for this. Generally, the fluctuating glucose levels can be controlled with diet regime and exercises. If not, then insulin treatment is given. Oral hypoglycemic drugs should not be given as they can cross placenta freely and enter the foetal circulation.

If your weight gain in pregnancy is more than the desirable weight gain, you need to follow a proper diet schedule to control any further undesirable weight gain. This helps to avoid any diabetes-related complications both for you and the baby.

Watch the video as our Doctor Senior Gynaecologist explains the  causes of Gestational Diabetes In Pregnancy.

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