Crime against children—what can you do?

Deepika Jha Sharma
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Updated on Dec 19, 2020

Crime against childrenwhat can you do
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“Missing” -- whenever I see a poster searching for someone especially a lost child, I perceive emotions like pain, craving, agony behind it. In India, at every 8 minutes one child is kidnapped. The number of children being abducted is more as compared to children who never return to their homes. The figure ranges from 40 to 50 percent of children don’t return. So you can imagine the trauma and helplessness of parents whose child gets abducted and is lost to them forever. 

The world is full of perverts, criminals, traffickers who are there searching for children for trafficking, begging, and slavery. But as parents it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is safe and well protected from any such evil. But how is the main question. Here I have shared few measures that can ensure your child’s safety at all costs.

How Can You Safeguard Your Child From The Crimes Against Children?

Here are certain measures can be adopted to ward off such risk-

  1. Communication is the key: A good rapport with your child inculcates a feeling of understanding, if the child is scared of someone he or she should always be open to tell and you should be sensitive enough to understand. Keep all the communication lines open

  2. Connectivity: A parent must always be in a position to know about the whereabouts of his child. Giving freedom doesn't need you to be ignorant about your child

  3. Sharing real life incidents: Share real life incidents to children in a simple yet non-threatening way. A little glimpse of true incidents makes them aware
  5. Vigilant eye: Keep an eye on people who make the child uncomfortable. Also beware of people who take unusual interest in your child and their achievements and activities
  7. Teach children to be rude: Teach children, it is good to be rude to the people, whom they do not feel to be trustworthy. Tell them to believe in their gut feeling
  9. Car safety: Never leave children alone in the car not even in a standing one. Parking areas are not as safe as we consider them to be

  10. Public washrooms: Monitor your child in public washrooms. Don't leave them unattended. Accompanying your child there is any day the best choice. Even if you are in and child is out, you can talk to her to know about her presence

  11. Social media activities: We can't restrict children from social media activities but checking their activities is always a better idea to know their friends. Perverts can use fake identity to befriend children. Keep a track of all his or her online friends and be wary of any suspicious friend or activity

  12. Beware of strangers: Teach your child to be wary of over-friendly stranger. A stranger is a stranger is a stranger – no matter how good he or she tries to prove himself or herself to be. Children should be alert about strangers

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| Dec 27, 2017

Thanx for Sharing

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| Dec 27, 2017

yes a very useful blog. going by facts and figures, most heinous crimes are done by people known to or someone from family and friends.. so we should not blindly trust anyone or leave our children with them. thanks for raising such an important issue.

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