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Did You Know Ginger Can Help Curb Bloating?

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Did You Know Ginger Can Help Curb Bloating
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It's not easy watching your child suffering from gas pain and cramps. We sure know it's a discomforting feeling! While we adults easily recognise it and find out ways to treat it, a child may not be able to tell what excatly he/she is going through. And, did you know that children are more susceptible to gas? This is because the digestive system of a child is not fully developed and it fails to move gas formed in the stomach through the child's digestive tract effectively. This can cause stomach pain and bloat, a condition in which the tummy becomes inflated especially after a meal.

The good news is that bloating is a temporary issue. There are many easy and inexpensive remedies for bloating in children. However, persisting pain and excessive gas need medical attention to rule out some possible serious underlying issues.  

What Causes Bloating In Children?

Factors that trigger bloating in children are:

  • Constipation

  • Stress

  • Eating food high in fiber

  • Poor eating habits like relying more on fried and junk food

  • Lactose intolerance

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Change in diet

  • Change in environment

  • Overeating

  • Eating gassy vegetables

How is Ginger Curb Bloating In Children?

There are some inexpensive yet effective remedies to bring down the bloating and associated pain in children. Ginger is one of the effective remedies for bloating and any digestive related issue among the children. Incredible medical property of ginger makes it one of the oldest remedies to help beat the bloat. It is a key ingredient of many Ayurvedic medicines which shows its incredible medical properties.

Here is how ginger helps to curb bloating in children

  • Ginger Is A Carminative: Herbs that facilitate smoothening of the digestive tract and relieve gas are collectively known as carminatives. Ginger is a potentially effective carminative and hence excellent in helping to alleviate gas, bloating and cramps.

  • Ginger Improves Digestion: Indigestion is the root cause of bloating in children. Ginger helps in boosting the digestion. Ginger not only helps to soothe an upset tummy, but it also helps to speed up the progress of the food through the gastrointestinal tract. Once the stomach empties quicker, the gas that forms during the digestion process will move quickly to the small intestine. This will help to alleviate bloating in kids.

  • Ginger Stimulates Absorption: Ginger has a property to stimulate the production of digestive juices. Thus, the increased production of digestive juices like saliva, bile and other components that aid in digestion will increase the rate of digestion and assimilation of nutrients from the food. This will thereby rectify the bloating due to indigestion.

  • Ginger Improves Blood Circulation: Blood circulation and digestion are linked. Good blood circulation is essential for the digestive tract to digest food and transport nutrients to the rest of the body. Thus, adequate blood supply adversely affects the digestion process.  Ginger helps to thin the blood and thereby, enhances the blood circulation, which further helps to relieve bloating.

  • Fights Abdominal Pain: The bioactive component in ginger, Gingerols are effective pain relievers.  It is behind the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property of the ginger as well. Thus ginger helps to alleviate the abdominal pain that often accompanies bloating.

How To Use Ginger To Treat Bloating In Kids?

  • You can make ginger juice and mix it with a pinch of Hing or lemon juice. One to one and a half teaspoon helps to combat bloating. If it is so strong for your child, you can add a little honey to it as well.

  • You can make ginger water. For this, add half teaspoon of grated ginger in four cups of water and bring to boil. Once boiled switch off the stove and close the lid and let it remain intact for ten minutes. Strain it. Ginger water is ready.  Your child can have it twice a day.

Hope these tips help you and make your children happy campers. If you find this blog helpful, don't forget to share it with fellow parents.

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