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Dry Skin Causes, Symptoms & Ways To Prevent in Babies

Mansi Dubey
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Updated on Mar 02, 2021

Dry Skin Causes Symptoms Ways To Prevent in Babies
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There’s nothing quite like your baby’s delicate and soft skin. But, babies are also prone to dry skin just like adults do. Your baby’s skin is not only thinner but also more sensitive than yours. Baby’s skin produces less moisturizing oils than an adult’s skin, no wonder why their skin gets really dry, especially in winters.

Dry Skin Causes

  1. Weather –

    Extreme cold makes the skin lose the moisture and dry out
  2. Long Baths –

    Bathing your baby for too long can wash away natural skin oils and moisture from the skin
  3. Harsh Soaps –

    your baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive towards harsh soaps. These soaps are chemically induced which causes irritation and dry skin
  4. Eczema -

    It is an allergic condition characterized by itchy rashes on baby’s cheek and forehead. Read more on Eczema in Babies, Symptoms, Causes, How to Diagnose and Home Remedies 
  5. Psoriasis-

    It is an autoimmune disease, characterized by itchy dry skin patches

Dry Skin Symptoms

  1. Dry patches
  2. Rough texture
  3. Deep cracks
  4. White scales that peel at the edges
  5. The tight appearance of the skin

Tips To Prevent Dry Skin

  1. Use topical creams and ointments-

    If your baby has eczema or psoriasis then consult your doctor and apply topical creams and ointments regularly to avoid itchiness and dry skin.
  2. New-born’s skin produces less natural moisturizing oils, to prevent your little angel’s skin from drying out make sure to apply moisturizing lotion at least twice a day.
  3. Avoid long baths. Bathing for a long time can wash away natural skin oils. Limit the bath time to not more than 7-10 minutes
  4. Use warm water for bathing, not hot water
  5. Don’t use harsh soaps on your baby’s delicate skin. Always make sure to use soaps with added moisturizers. Avoid using soaps or body washes with added fragrance and alcohol as they can dry the skin
  6. Apply moisturizing lotion all over your baby’s body immediately after bathing while the skin is still wet, as it makes it easier for the skin to absorb the moisturizer into the skin. Also, moisturizer forms a thick layer around the skin to prevent further loss of moisture from the skin
  7. Use natural fabrics like cotton. Natural fabrics allow your baby’s skin to breathe easily
  8. Don’t leave a wet diaper on for too long and make sure diapers are comfortable and not too tight, as it can cause skin irritation and rashes
  9. If your baby has sensitive skin, then avoid using harsh detergent for washing baby’s clothes. These harsh detergents can cause skin irritation, redness, and dry skin. There are many laundry products in the market for baby’s laundry
  10. Make sure your baby is hydrated throughout the day. Water and breastmilk will keep the body and skin hydrated for long

These are some of the preventive measures you need to take to prevent your baby from having dry skin. If you ever notice any sign of excessive skin dryness or skin bleeding then consult your doctor immediately. As the temperature is rising every day, make sure you apply moisturizing lotion and provide your baby with enough fluids to keep him/her hydrated.

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Dry skin for my baby how to overcome it

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