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How To Encourage Your Child To Pursue Music ?

Faraz Mohammad Khan
7 to 11 years

Created by Faraz Mohammad Khan
Updated on Sep 25, 2018

How To Encourage Your Child To Pursue Music

Music means the world to alot of us. It is relaxing, exciting, revealing and giving in its own special way. Music can have loads of benefits for your child. As a career, and as a hobby both. It boosts memory power, inculcates discpline, patience, makes one expressive and boost confidence.

  1. It helps in increasing memory power
  2. It can help teach patience and discipline, both rarities in today's age
  3. It spurts creativity and provides a form of expression
  4. It can be a social tool and confidence builder

Must Do To Encourage Your Child For Music

With so many benefits, how do you encourage your child to love music ? Find out how music is beneficial for your child, and how you can encourage the. 


With so many means of connectivity, we have a world of music we can access with ease. When you listen to music, try listening with you kids. their taste in music is pure and unbaised. Listen to the music you love and try expanding your musical taste , this will benefits both you and your kids.


Your kids won't care if you dont sound like Mohammad Rafi, they love you and they will want to sing with you. You can have alot of fun singing with you kids. It will be one more way of bonding with them. Try to add singing to daily chores like bathing, communting in the car, etc.


Encourage you child to learn a musical instrument, playing an instrument can be magical for children. It will empower and inspire them.


Try taking you kids to a live music session. It can teach you child to be a member of an audience; when to clap, when to listen, when to dance, when to participate.

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Now that your child is encouraged to pursue music, do you want to let them major in it? The answer is a definite yes! You should always allow your kids to pursue their passion; be it music, singing, dancing. Here a quick fe reasons why music major can be the best thinbg for your child-

  1. Musical kids know focus. They give up goo dthings to reach excellence in their forte. Kids with such focus can accomplish any task you through at them
  2. Music instruction is full of listening and instruction. Students are told to listen, listen, listen!. These kids will know how to correct themselves
  3. Musical kids are hardy. They comoete,lose, compete and lose again. These kids won't be troubled with real world issues that might come their way
  4. Music as a profession is full of promise, both socially and financially. Musicians have the potential to ear alot
  5. Your heart will burst with pride when you see your kid performing and people swinging to their tunes

All said and done, tell your musical child to follow their passion and trust their heart. You have raised them to be solid confident human beings.

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| Nov 14, 2018

my child is interested in playing drums what is the right time for learning now he is 5 years

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| Sep 06, 2018

very nicely explainef

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| Jun 13, 2018

Is a career in music a good option for your child?, Its a very question that every person may have to ask. Music is a terrible profession choice, however lifestyles with out tune could be alternatively empty. But there’s probable a right manner and a wrong way to elevate issues. It’s extra critical for a kid to make their personal mistakes and study from them. As long as you’re constantly there to offer steerage, now not manage. In our schools, music schooling, like artwork training, competes for time and assets with academic topics—and frequently loses. Many schools view song as an pointless frill. However, song training is extra than singing songs or gambling devices; and also gives children critical and various learning experiences.

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