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Fighting Breast Cancer

DrSonali Bassi

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Fighting Breast Cancer

At some point in time we all wonder, "What if I have cancer?" Especially if you are a woman, the word “Breast Cancer” does haunt you. Don’t we all beautiful women love ourselves and take care of our health. How many times do we look at ourselves in the mirror and this very thought crosses our minds.

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DrSonali Bassi

| Nov 08, 2012

Hi simran how long back was this

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Simran Thakur

| Nov 04, 2012

My mother was detected with carcinoma in the left breast, mastectomy was done.. She's now put under Hormonal Therapy.. Still she feels weak,feverish... Will she get back to normal...

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| Oct 31, 2012

Such a detailed and useful piece of information. Thanks alot for sharing .

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Neetu Ralhan

| Oct 30, 2012

Rightly said, we all wonder, specially about this particular form of cancer, well compiled information, thanks.

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