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Foods To Avoid If Your Child Has Juvenile Diabetes

Puja Sharma Vasisht
3 to 7 years

Created by Puja Sharma Vasisht
Updated on Feb 20, 2019

Foods To Avoid If Your Child Has Juvenile Diabetes

Juvenile diabetes is type 1 diabetes, where insulin is required to control the blood sugar levels. Whatever we eat is eventually converted to glucose and requires insulin to maintain its level in the blood. In juvenile diabetes, since there is little or no production of insulin by the pancreas (organ which normally produces insulin hormone), children require daily insulin injections.

Eating a balanced diet is most important to maintain a good health. However, care needs to be taken while consuming fats and carbohydrate rich foods.

Carbohydrate intake should match the insulin intake and activity level, so that normal range of blood sugar is maintained. It is also recommended that healthy fats should be consumed so as to keep cholesterol and lipid levels in range. This would help prevent any long term lipid disorder, which diabetics are more prone to.

Children with juvenile diabetes should know about glycemic index of different foods, as it is important to maintain their blood sugar levels in normal range.Glycemic index is the numerical index given to a carbohydrate-rich food that is based on the average increase in blood glucose level occurring in blood after the food is eaten.

There is glycemic index of individual food items including cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits etc. In general, cereals like wheat, rice and starchy vegetables like potato, carrots, have a higher glycemic index (65-75%), fruits have 45-55%, lentils like peas, green gram, bengal gram have a low glycemic index of (30-40%).

Food item Glycemic Index Rice 72 Parantha, wheat 70 Upma 75 Potato 70 Sweet potato 48 Banana 69 Glucose 100 Honey 87 Beetroot 64 Curds 36 Soybeans 43 Rajmah 29 Chole 65 Bengal gram 47 Milk 33 Curds 36 Apple 40 Orange 40

Foods which are high in sugar, are more processed and refined would have higher glycaemic index and are better avoided. These includeAny carbonated beverages, sweetened fruit juice, fruit drinks etc Jams, jellies, sweets, sweetened yogurt, pizza etc.

Maida or refined flour based foods like white bread, cakes, pastries, cookies,biscuits, pasta, chips. Sugar in any form like processed/white sugar, jaggery, honey etc. Children with juvenile diabetes also need to avoid foods high in trans fats, which includes hydrogenated fats of margarines, vanaspati ghee, fried foods and any food high in animal foods including lard.

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| Feb 21, 2019

hi.... i'm a type 1 diabetic. i want to know whether my children also have the possibility to get type 1 diabetes. if yes what i can do for them to prevent it

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