Right Way To Give Your Infant A Bath

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Right Way To Give Your Infant A Bath

Giving a bath to your newborn could be a nerve wracking experience. Handling that tiny and delicate little one is quite difficult leaving aside giving bath daily. Moreover, the little one too might not like it! However, with a little practice and cautious you can learn it easily and making bath time fun for both of you. Here we have put down together step by step guide to give baby bath. Hope you find it useful.

Bath For Your Newborn

To start with, you need not give a daily bath to the newborn. Three times a week should be good enough to begin with.

  • Regular hygiene: If you are doing the diaper, nappy and burp cloth changes as and when required you are already addressing the face, neck and butts that require regular cleaning.
  • Skin care: Moreover, daily bathing may irritate the soft and supple skin of the baby. Once your baby is bit grown you can introduce a daily bathing regime.


How To Give Your Newborn A Bath?

  • Be prepared: Once you and your baby are ready for the bath, get a plastic tub or a sink. Before you take your baby for bath, gather all the necessary items you will need. These may include a clean towel, baby soap/shampoo and a mug of rinsing water.
  • Water temperature: Never leave your baby alone in the water as it could be dangerous. Infant bath temperature should be maintained at 38 degrees Centigrade. Always ensure to check water temperature with your hand before rinsing the baby in it. Remember the baby skin is much more soft and delicate and can get burns easily if the water temperature is too hot.
  • Comfortable ambient temperature: Also, ensure the room or the bathroom has a comfortable temperature. New born babies can get chilled very easily.

Things To Keep In Mind While Giving Your Newborn A Bath

Here are some tips that can be of help to you when you are giving your baby a bath:

Position: The best way to bathe newborn is to secure him / her with your one arm first. This will make the infant comfortable while you bathe him/her.

  • Put your one arm to support the neck and head from behind while you use your other hand to bathe. Keep the hand in this position throughout.
  • The neck and head are not stable for infants and you should be careful to give proper support.

Washing: Start washing with the feet first and then the rest of the body. You can use a mild shampoo if needed to wash the hair.

  • Use your palm as cup over the forehead to avoid the foam getting into the eyes.
  • While rinsing the hair take precautions so that water does not go into the eyes.
  • Bathing a newborn is also a time to bond so engage with your infant through eye contacts and baby talks.

After the bath: Following a good bath, wrap the baby in a soft and clean towel and pat him/her dry.

  • Most infants do not need a lotion following a bath. But if you think the skin is bit dry you can apply a small amount of any baby moisturizer (preferably unscented ones).
  • If the skin is getting too dry check with your child’s pediatrician for advice.

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While it might seem like a daunting task at first, bathing your newborn will get easier with a couple of weeks of practice. Happy Parenting!

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bathing a new born on the legs with warm water is a wonderful experience. I suppose it's an Indian practice and both me and my little one love bath time!

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