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How to handle Phobias in children?

3 to 7 years

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How to handle Phobias in children

‘Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood’- Marie Curie All of us have fears, anxieties and worries. Fear in a child, can take over his/her life. I have seen a little boy absolutely refuse to leave the house after being attacked by a dog; a 9 year old girl was not ready to go back to school after being laughed at by the entire class for her new haircut.

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Snehal karia

| Sep 01, 2017

my daughter is 3. 5 yr old. she is scared of pressure cooker whistle whenever I put cooker she will not come to kitchen go to bedroom and close the door. she is scared of very loud noise also. we both tried many times to explain her that whistle will not hurt u,I hold her at a comfortable distance whenever whistle rings in kitchen. but till date she is scared of whistle. pls help me. Thank you for such an article. i am really grateful to u. Thanks

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| Dec 08, 2016

My child dislike to go to school. She is 7 years old. She gets ready to school promptly but hates to have breakfast and lunch. Sometimes she gets up saying she doesn't want to go and take a leave today.

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| Sep 23, 2015

My child is 1. 9 mnth old n she is scared of toys with light n sound... plz help

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| Jun 18, 2015

My son is 6 yes and he is scared of dark. If he is in drawing room n nr bedrooms lights are off he will not enter tht room even if nxt room light is on. Sometimes in day time also he get scared to enter tht room. Kindly help

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Taruna Khanijow

| Jun 13, 2014

Hi Anurima, Thanks for such a wonderful article. My daughter is 1. 5 yrs old and she got scared whenever she listens to a horn of any vehicle. She walks very nicely and confidently on society roads while going to the park but she starts crying and come close to us and wants us to pick her up whenever she listens to horn of any vehicle. What should I do in this case?

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Tanya Singhal

| Jun 13, 2014

Hi . My daughter is 3. 4 month old n she is very much scared of the advertisement that comes between her cartoons.

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| Jan 28, 2014

Sandhya, Even my daughter used to be very scared of darkness or as u said to be alone in the dark. I feel this is very common in children and your son is too small to understand that. My daughter is 8 now and even now when she goes to sleep alone, she tells me not to close the door at least.. I leave it half open for her. Sometimes even though I'm at home, she is scared to go the bathroom alone if the room is dark but that is rare, its very irritating though :-) You need to wait for another two years to see the change. Give him time and then slowly you can make him realize. Hope this helps!!

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| Jan 28, 2014

My son who is 4+ is very scared of darkness he plays and fools around in the day time but, he cant be alone in the dark and int he nights... he always wants some one to be with him. I tried to explain him that is not the correct way he shpuld go into the dark and see i also took him into a dark roomand showed that there is nothing to fear its just another part of the day.. But, he is reluctant... to understand.

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| Jan 18, 2014

Dear arbeela, sibling fights many times affect a healthy relationship and child development if not handled aptly and properly. Since your son has been affected at an intense level professional help must be taken at earliest. He might not be ignoring his brother's deed entirely out of love, may be he is afraid that he might get more bullied if he tells u. Please seek some good counselor before your son totally loses his self esteem and confidence. Further i guess it would be better if your elder son also has conversation with counsellor as affecting someone so badly by bullying is also not good. Might be having a younger sibling have caused him to believe that he is losing his share of love from u, this would even affect him adversely too. Handling more than one child is real tedious and challenging job. Hope u find remedy soon

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| Nov 22, 2013

My son is scared of his elder brother who bullies him all the time,and wen we ask him abt this brother he always ignores as if nothing has happens becoz he says he loves his big brother so much and is afraid he might get beaten up if papa n mom comes to know abt his bullying. He has started stammering n now his teacher was telling me that he has startedto forget things and lessons. plz share the same experience here n remedy if any.

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Shilpi Sharma

| Sep 24, 2013

My son is scared of thunderstorm and rain. I hope the tips help.

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Renuka Vijay

| Aug 03, 2013

Good article Anurima

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Parveen Gulia

| Aug 02, 2013

Thanks for such an informative article....

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| Jul 11, 2013

Thanks Anurima for such a useful piece of information, as my daughter is really afraid of storm n heavy rains, i will definitely explain her the process of rain, so as to reduce her fear.

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