How To Deal With Inverted Nipples?

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How To Deal With Inverted Nipples

Any change or deviation from ‘normal’ when it comes to the breasts can immediately press the panic button in your mind. Inverted nipples are, in fact, more common than you think. Read on to find out more about this condition, its causes, and some of the symptoms that you must immediately get help for.

What Are Inverted Nipples?

Inverted nipple, also known as nipple retraction is a state in which the nipple points inward rather than outwards. Circumstances that lead to inflammation or scars of tissues at the back of nipple can subsequently result in inverted nipple.

In toddlers inverted baby nipple may arise due to concealed tissues incapable of multiplying at the required rate; the consequence is nipple pulled inwards. The nipples are likely to get normal when your juvenile hits puberty.

What Causes Inverted Nipples?

Here are some of the common causes of inverted nipples:

  1. Nipple infection caused by breast surgery or piercing as well as inflammation contributes to inverted nipple.
  2. These can be present since birth, these do not elucidate any sort of disease nor any health hazard.
  3. Breastfeeding after pregnancy makes breasts experience breast sagging; areolas are expanded which give away inverted nipples.

How To Identify Inverted Nipples?

When inverted nipples do not possess any health threat, they don’t indicate any symptoms. These can be analysed simply by a pinch to examine whether it is right or not. However, if it has unhealthy and potential disease associated with it, it will show symptoms. Sign of inverted nipple which can be a sign of threat are as follows:

  1. Presence of lump beneath or near nipple.
  2. If you see redness or any other skin change like flaking.
  3. Blood or any other fluid discharge from breasts apart from milk.
  4. Sore nipple might have the possibility of affecting other tissues nearby.

Tips For Breastfeeding With Inverted Nipples

If you are a breastfeeding mother, it is natural that you might be concerned about feeding your baby with inverted nipples. But here are some tips to help you:

  1. Get help: You can seek assistance from a lactation consultant, who can guide you appropriately and boost your confidence.
  2. Express a little: Removing a small amount of breast milk before feeding your child can help. You can also try pumping the milk through hands, but only a little.
  3. Help your baby latch on: Hold and squeeze the skin near nipples through your fingers to create a “C” or “V” shape. This enables the younger one to feed properly with enhanced attachment.
  4. Using a pump: Breast pump can be used to string out the nipples. Use it before feeding the toddler.

If you feel that your baby isn’t taking enough milk and his nutritional needs are not being met, please consult your doctor.

How Are Inverted Nipples Treated?

Suction device can be used for inverted nipple treatment which aids in bringing the tissues of nipple at the required position. This method is beneficial in case of minor inversion caused due to muscle contraction. Furthermore, in case of extravagant inversion, surgery for treatment is prescribed. You can consult a professional breastfeeding consultant in case of guidance.

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| Oct 06, 2018

Hi Swetha Huggi , I advise you to consult the guidance of a good gynaecologist; that would be helpful!

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| Oct 05, 2018

Hi myself Swetha Huggi , I have some breast problem, I m feeding still my 6 months baby, give some suggestions to my problem, to the nipple point(where the milk will come at that POINT) there will become a small white example like pimple, whenever it becomes the milk will be clought in side, breast will pain again when it's open it will be normal, what is the problem what to do

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