Know How and Why Should You Allow Your Child to Have Fun Outdoors During Monsoon

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Updated on Jul 25, 2022

Know How and Why Should You Allow Your Child to Have Fun Outdoors During Monsoon
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If asked- Is there any season wherein your child hates being cooped up indoors?

The most common reply would be “the monsoon season.”

The simple reason being, it gets boring and frustrating for children to stay indoors when it is pouring cats and dogs outside. Children from toddlers to preschoolers, kindergartners to teens enjoy listening to the pitter patter of rain on  the ground, exploring the wet earth, playing in the mud and not to miss, jumping in the puddles. They love to feel the tiny droplets of rain, smell the earthy scent, catch the raindrops and play with the paper boats. 

Here is an interesting list of fun activities to do on a rainy day with your child:

1. Rainy Day Walk: There is no better day than a rainy day to go out with your child for a walk. Let them closely observe nature, its beauty when it rains. Allow them to jump in the puddles without the fear of getting dirty. Let them have a closer look at the worms and other mini beasts on the sidewalk. Allow them to follow the passage of water to understand how it runs down the drain.  Let them closely observe what birds, dogs and other animals do when it rains. 

2. Measure the Rain: Do a DIY activity wherein you can make a rain gauge with your child and then measure the rain with the help of it. Also graph the results over the month of the rainy season and find out whether it was drier at the end of the month or the beginning and when did it rain the most and the least.

3. Get the creative juices flowing: Use different art mediums to make rain art with your child . Let them use powdered paint, water paints, or oil paints and watch closely to see the magic when they get wet.

4. Have a Bonding time with your child: Rainy season is a time when we all get nostalgic thinking of our childhood and youth days. Relive those memories by sharing them with your child and sing some songs with them perfect for the weather.

5. Play in the mud: Allow your child to get dirty in the mud and make mud handprints, footprints, castles, mud stews and mud pies. This is one such occasion where parents can relax the rules and allow the child to soil their clothes. But do make sure to tell them to take a bath after that stint is over.

6. Search for a rainbow or make one yourself: If you can’t find a rainbow, help them create one of their own with the help of a prism at home. Help your child learn how rainbows are formed and find answers to other ‘WH’ questions related to it.

7. Boat races: Help your child follow your steps of making a paper boat of their own and then ask them to race these down a stream. It's not only an exciting activity but also a great opportunity to teach them the concept of what floats and what sinks.

8. Just go swinging, sliding and climbing: There is no perfect timing other than when it's raining to strap on their rain boots and allow them to enjoy the rides on different swings such as tire swing, slings , merry-go-round, slides etc. The ride along with the rain not only multiples the fun element but makes it memorable too. 

Here are some exciting benefits of playing in the rain:

  • While trying to maintain balance due to slippery floors outdoors, children need to maintain balance which further improves their gross motor skills, coordination as well as critical thinking skills.

  • They learn that playing or participating in daily exercises shouldn't be prevented by the weather. So, the take-home message they get right from childhood is that life shouldn’t come to a standstill no matter what the circumstances are. 

  • They get to learn more about nature while they explore and question where water comes from and how it rains. They learn about the water cycle, cloud formation and weather changes. The tiny creatures that they see while playing on the wet grass encourages them to explore the animal kingdom, their wild habitats.

  • The different sounds, smells, and touch of rain drops reinforces their sensory experience. For example: The feel of the damp slippery surface enhances their sense of touch, the earthy scent which makes them feel refreshed and energized, enhances their sense of smell, the pitter patter of the raindrops hitting the ground which makes them feel relaxed and calmer enhances their sense of hearing.

  • Allowing them to go out in the rain makes them take more responsibility for themselves and learn self-help skills in terms of what they need to do in order to go out while it's raining. For eg. whether to carry an umbrella or not, put on their raincoats and rainboots, how to watch their steps so that they don’t slip.

  • It enhances their creativity and lets their imagination loose, as they interact with the environment around them.  For eg- they might pretend play by transforming the entire scene into an adventure wherein they are crossing a muddy swamp without getting too wet in a forest. This helps in improving their skills such as socialization, communication, language, problem-solving as well as taking turns and playing in a group setting.

Playing in the rain has many benefits for children’s physical as well as mental health. Jumping in the muddy puddle, investigating the mini beasts that make an appearance especially in this weather, the pretend play games and so many interesting activities add to this experience and the memories to be cherished forever. Isn’t this experience  worth it? 

So what are you waiting for, dear parents? Help your child dress up in appropriate clothing such as rain boots, raincoats and umbrellas and Voila! Let them have fun and explore outdoors in the rain.

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