Massaging My Daughter is Our Favourite Time

Hema Gayatri

Created by Hema Gayatri
Updated on Aug 03, 2020

Massaging My Daughter is Our Favourite Time
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I make sure every day I spend good 20-30 minutes to massage my daughter and relish the golden bonding time. I use #JohnsonsGentleTouch to massage her, the rich proteins nutrients in Johnson's lotion makes the skin super soft, smooth and helps relieve dryness. There is no doubt about the fact that baby massage is loaded with health benefits. Every gentle stroke on my daughter's velvety-soft baby skin relaxes her muscles and promotes better sleeping. The super-light formula spreads like a gel and moisturizes the skin, oh .... not to miss the mild fragrance :)

Undoubtedly, baby massage is the best way to strengthen your bonding with the little munchkin. I #CHOOSEgentle to nourish my daughter's skin, what about you ??.      

Thanks unelive and @johnsonsbabyindia for allowing me to share my experience.  

Disclaimer - This article is sponsored by Johnsons,

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