Mother-Baby Bonding - How It Aids Healthy Development Of A Child?

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Mother Baby Bonding How It Aids Healthy Development Of A Child
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God has given women the immense power to deliver a baby and take care of the delicate body with all her love. When as a parent we think of best paediatrics and vaccination, one cannot rule out the importance of a bonding between mother and baby as an agent of bringing more positives in infant's growth.

What Is A Mother Infant Bond?

This bond is rooted when a mother first conceives a foetus which gradually develops into a human with her support system. It is this bond only which empowers a mum to wake up in middle of night and feed her baby.Where this seems to be so natural, it also calls for some efforts to build it much stronger.

Importance Of Having A Mother-Infant Bonding?

  • Mothers love is a healer. Medicines cure the illness while the love heals the soul
  • Researches have shown that from animals (monkeys, rats) to the human females, the mother's touch help in great developments
  • A good bonding helps in better emotional strength, increases level of immunity and enhances the IQ of the infant
  • It fosters the sense of security and comfort in babies which are already so subtle with new external environment

Ways Of Bonding And The Psychology Behind The Bond

Building a strong relationship with your new-born is like a psychological equation. It not only involves heart but hormones, nerves and brain. It is a natural bond which can be developed with simple things.
  1. Cuddle and bond:

    Cuddling your baby is one of the best feelings in the world. This skin to skin touch (Kangaroo care) is scientifically proven to be helpful in increasing weight. A premature baby when more cuddled and loved, shows remarkable signs of improvement
  2. Feeding and nursing bond:

    This is most special way to develop a link with infant. When a baby is breastfeeding, oxytocin hormone (Love Hormone) is secreted by the brain which boosts the feel-good-factor of the baby
  3. Hugs and kisses:

    These are always pleasurable for babies. They feel special connection when kissed. Pheromones are involved which triggers the special attachment. It control the nerves and soothes the anxiety
  4. Massages:

    The most traditional way of bonding between mother and child. The gentle strokes over body, play a role in organising the senses of child. The immunity levels are raised and infant feel relaxed
  5. Talk and sing to your baby:

    These are most loved ways to do bonding. When a mother talks or sings lullabies to baby, the child tries to catch the expressions and develop better communication skills
  6. Spend quality time:

    Quantity is not important over the quality of time you are spending with your child. In hurry to reach office or buy grocery, you cannot spend a good time with baby. So stay calm and then play around
  7. Use soothing scents:

    A baby is always familiar to mother’s fragrance. The smell gives a sense of security to a child. So mothers can use scents like lavender, rose etc. to give smell of love and care to babies

There are million things like family support, hormonal level of mothers, the post-delivery depression, routine and priorities, which affect the extent of bonding between mum and baby. So remember, it is not like an instant noodle to be hooked with your baby, it will nurture with time.

Without going to deep sciences and logics, a mother shall always believe that her love is the supreme power to heal, will protect child from illness and help her build better future relationships. So let’s start weaving this magical bond!

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