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Toddlers are talkers, since the little ones live in the moment, they'll say whatever's on their mind whenever and wherever they think of it. Here's what one toddler said that cracked us up. Have a similar story? Share it here in the comment section below.

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Thillai Selva

| Dec 07, 2015

When my son was in his play school he was hardly less than 3 yrs,teachers spent a lot of time to teach dem dancing few rhymes for thier school annual day,after giving so much of practice my lo just performed for few minutes on the stage n started moving away from his gang n started gazing at the prizes that are kept on the stage instead

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archana j

| Dec 05, 2015

LOL. children are all same i feel. u go anywhere u will find them same. blessed are one who have obedient child ;-)

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nutan Saijare

| Dec 04, 2015

Yes my daughter had to sing a poem in her school on stage... for 3-4 days I was like making her learn the poem.... but she didn't utter a word.... I knew she had learned it.... but to my disguise she didn't sang it that day..... later on at home she sang it in front of family members.

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