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Must-know facts about Down's syndrome antenatal screening

Dr Himani Khanna

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Must know facts about Downs syndrome antenatal screening

Are you in your late 20s or early 30s – and pregnant? If yes, then most likely your gynaecologist has prescribed you a screening test for Down’s syndrome. Now, Down’s syndrome screening may cause some anxiety, especially to a first-time mom. Worry not, our specialist, Dr Himani Khanna, Developmental Paediatrician, Artemis, Gurgaon, is here to relieve you of your anxieties.

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Anu Menon

| Jul 25, 2017

My doctor asked my sister to take test for Down's Syndrome while she was pregnant, we were so scared of anything invasive. The Babyshield non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) only helped. Today my nephew is healthy because we continued the pregnancy and becoz this test gave us 98% accurate result, without harming the baby nor mother.

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Lisa Rohan

| Jul 25, 2017

There is a comprehensive Prenatal testing platform called "BabyShield" powered by LifeCell. These guys cater every prenatal test available from a simple biochemical screening to Karyotyping. Get in touch with your doctor to know about BabyShield and get an accurate test result.

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Savita Parbat

| Dec 20, 2016

thank you so much for sharing, I have under gone NT scan during my pregnancy, reports were all ok, but after delivery we got to know my baby suffering from congenital heart disease , he is having hole in his heart, really it's heartbreaking for me n my husband since we lost our first baby due to some other reason. we are consulting heart specialist from Narayana Hrudayalya, Bangalore , doctor said nothing to worry everything will be ok. now we are relaxed n my little prince doing well. God bless him with lots of love n health.

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