I want to be doubly sure of my family's health and safety

Shalini Singh

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Updated on Oct 19, 2021

I want to be doubly sure of my familys health and safety
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Covid-19 has had a tremendous impact in the world all around. It has affected every person in some way or the other. It has also led to this feeling of uncertainty and I believe as Moms and Dads, you can relate to it. Clearly, besides following the Covid protocols, vaccination is the most effective way to stay protected. For this reason, I was eagerly waiting for the vaccination so everyone in my family above 18 could get it. I knew that it would keep us and our children safe. As soon as it became publicly available, I got vaccinated myself and made sure everyone eligible around me got it too. 

Although, to some extent I was relieved, I won't deny that the concern was not gone completely. I was hearing of cases from someone in my network or the other and that is concerning, isn't it? 

I wasn't sure if we were ready to resume back to normalcy. I mean, yes we did get the vaccine but I wanted to be extra sure about the immune response of the vaccinated members of my family. I was chatting up with a friend and she said, "How do we know that the vaccine has created antibodies to fight the virus?". Got me thinking. Here I was, thinking that I and my family would now be able to venture out with fewer concerns and do things as we could earlier, at least the ones we had missed badly during the pandemic. This was enough for me to do my research on what I needed to do to know if the vaccination created antibodies to fight the virus.  

That’s when I got to know about the Quant IgG Spike Protein Antibody Test. This test  helps to find out if our body has developed antibodies and has responded to the  vaccine. It is a simple test that you can take after you have been fully vaccinated, that  is, ideally after the second dose.  

It is a sensitive test, which means that several safety measures are taken at the lab as  well as during the home visits for collecting samples.  

I took the Quant IgG Spike Protein Antibody Test and guess what. The vaccine did  produce the antibodies in my case. I was highly relieved and so was everyone in my  family. Like me, my family members also took the test and now we know the exact  situation. It feels better, reassuring and comfortable each time we step out to work or to  any other places, of course, needless to say that we are still following all norms. 


I can say I #WelcomeZindagi and I am glad I got my family members tested to find the  levels of antibodies produced by the vaccine. Take it two weeks after the second dose.  That is the recommended gap. 

The Quant IgG Spike Protein Antibody Test has brought some much needed relief and  certainty. I was anxious! It gave me clarity based on science and as a person who likes  to be well-informed and well-prepared, that is exactly what I needed. 

In case you are looking to find out if you or your family/friends have responded to the  vaccine positively and got some antibodies produced, then you should definitely take  and recommend the Quant IgG spike protein antibody test. This will give you a fair  understanding of the immunity levels and while you do so, don’t you let the guard down.  Keep taking necessary precautions that you have been doing till now. 

Speak to your doctor if you need any more information. Go ahead! Reclaim your life and  say “#WelcomeZindagi”. 


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