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My Journey As A Mom And The Role Of Pampers

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Created by Kalpana
Updated on Nov 30, 2018

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Raising a child is not at all easy and my experience of motherhood has been indifferent. The most difficult part for me was to make sure my child remains away from all sorts of ailments, especially during winters. I always sought after things that would make my baby super comfortable and buying the best of diapers was of top priorities. In a bid to find the best diapers, I came across Pampers premium care pants. Trust me the features that these diapers come with left me impressed and thought I should share my experience with the moms to diaper wearing babies. Here is my review.

My overall score for pampers: 5/5

  • Softness and comfort - 5/5

  • Breathability - 5/5

  • Absorption - 5/5

  • Wetness Indicator + aloe vera - 5/5

  • Price - 4/5

Softness: This new Pampers diaper has got many features, the best of them is the softness of the material used! Trust me, when I say it - this is the softest and smoothest diaper I’ve ever used for my baby. I used to take extra baggage of stress for diaper rashes but pampers has ended my worry! This new pack fits well around the waist of my baby and is very stretchy and soft even around the waist area.

In the softness department, Pampers is a sure-shot winner for me!

Breathability: This is another pioneering feature of this diaper. It comes with air channels technology that makes it possible but the diaper pants to breathe! Air finds its way around inside the diaper making sure baby’s skin remains dry and free of rashes. My child sleeps well throughout the night and I also get an  uninterrupted sleep.

Special Shape around the leg-cuff area: I liked this and let me tell you a little bit about the special design that Pampers has devised - either sides of the diaper are shaped a little curvy unlike other diapers and this ensures minimized friction to help the walk freely. Very adjustable and super skin friendly thanks to Pampers for paying such close attention to details.

Absorption capability: I actually did a demo to test this feature and I saw that this diaper has got amazing absorption capability. For my child, it lasts about 12 hours which I think is phenomenal. Full marks to pampers in this department.  

Wetness Indicator: Another innovative feature in this new diaper is the indicator that acts as an alarm bell. This has been a boon for me as a mom since now I need not check the diaper time and again to see if it needs to be changed. The yellow line on the outer surface of the diaper turns blue and you know it’s high time to dispose off the diaper.

Disposal tape: This is one-of-its-kind feature I’ve seen so far - the pampers diapers come up with a tape that comes handy when you want to dispose the diaper. Roll and pack the diaper with the help of the tape and dispose off it. I loved this feature as I didn’t see anything similar in other diapers I used prior to Pampers.

Overall, this diaper impressed me in most of the departments. Price is a little on the higher side but I won’t mind paying for so many unique features and considering that it also comes with the goodness of aloe-vera, which has its own skin-friendly properties as we all know.  

I would definitely recommend it to moms. Do try this brand and share your experience with me here in the comments section below.

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