Parenting: An experience from ‘me’ to ‘we’

Rashmi Pandit

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Parenting An experience from me to we

Having a baby in your life should be a mutual decision of both the husband and the wife. A husband needs to be the strongest support his wife has not only when she is pregnant but even post delivery. The blog, shares insights into some areas where a husband can pitch in and support his wife when pregnant.

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Neha Rastogi

| Jun 29, 2017

I m blessed to have a such a wonderfull and very caring husband.. I have I have already passed half way of my pregnancy.. but my in laws are not at all caring or guiding me during this phase... so I feel sad some time ..

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Payal Bhagat

| Jul 30, 2016

touch wood... my husband too has been my pillar of strength through out my pregnancy and now too.. my son is 3 months old..

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Sandhya Soman

| Jul 30, 2016

experiencing the same. can't thank God more to have blessed me with a truly amazing husband and lovely son

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Gaganpreet Kaur

| Jun 13, 2016

Very right Thanks for sharing this helpful topic

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